Rooibos NewsClients and media from all over the world

Clients and media from all over the world visit Rooibos Ltd
Recent visitors to Rooibos Ltd included a team from Coco Safar International and a team from Tsaifong Foodstuff in Taiwan.

From New York, USA - Coco Safar International

Representatives from the couture espresso and pâtisserie group Coco Safar visited Rooibos Ltd in October 2014. They were particularly interested in Rooibos Ltd's extracts and Research and Development Division. See photographs.

From Taiwan - Tsaifong Foodstuff

In November, Claudia Hung and her group from the Taiwanese company Tsaifong Foodstuff spent time with Rooibos Ltd. They were taken on a tour of a Rooibos farm as well as the Rooibos Ltd factory. Here they learnt about new product development, quality control measures and contract packaging. Ms Hung will be returning in January 2015 for a tour of a Rooibos farm during harvest season. See photographs.