Rooibos NewsClients and media visit Rooibos Ltd

Clients and media from around the world visit Rooibos Ltd

From the USA: DMH's Tom Hatch and Erin Carey

To ensure first-hand knowledge of Rooibos, Tom Hatch and Erin Carey from DMH Ingredients, the new company that represents Rooibos Ltd in the USA, visited Rooibos Ltd in May this year. They also attended the Cederberg Arts Festival's Festive Table sponsored by Rooibos Ltd. As from February this year, Rooibos Ltd is represented by the Chicago-based DMH Ingredients, which has purchased Herbal Teas International, Rooibos Ltd's former USA representative.

Left: At the Cederberg Arts Festival's Festive Table are (from left), Rooibos Ltd's Gerda de Wet (Communication Manager), Colette Cronjé (Quality Assurance Manager) and Martin Bergh (MD) with DMH Ingredients' Erin Carey and Tom Hatch.
Right: Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd, with Tom Hatch and Erin Carey.


From India: Channan Sawhney and Anirban Mitra from Tetley's Farmers First Hand

Tetley initiated Farmers First Hand – a unique Facebook-based communications campaign that connects tea drinkers with Rainforest Alliance certified tea producers around the world. This provides people with insight into tea production and the positive impact of certification on farming and community life. Earlier this year, two representatives, Channan Sawhney and Anirban Mitra, visited Rooibos Ltd. Read more


From The Netherlands: Marcel Vogel from Axxent Masters in Tea

Marcel Vogel from the Dutch company Axxent Masters in Tea visited Rooibos Ltd's Sri Lanka office to meet with Tharanga Cooray, Rooibos Ltd's Sales Manager in Sri Lanka.