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Rooibos Ltd hosts clients and media from around the world

From The Netherlands: Axxent’s Arnoud Francken and Marcel Vogel

Arnoud Francken and Marcel Vogel from Axxent Masters in Tea visited Rooibos Ltd in February. At the Quality Control Centre they learned more about Rooibos Ltd’s testing for pesticides, heavy metals and others chemicals. They also paid a visit to the Driefontein community hall.

From France: Jeune Afrique’s Christophe Le Bec

Christophe Le Bec, journalist at Jeune Afrique, the first weekly francophone magazine in Africa, spent time with Rooibos Ltd at the end of January this year to gain an understanding of the Rooibos industry and in particular its export strategy in terms of Europe, the USA and the rest of Africa. The outcome of his visit will be various articles on Rooibos.

From France: TV Channel FRANCE 5’s Sylvain Braun

Sylvain Braun, director of documentaries for the French TV channel FRANCE 5, visited Rooibos Ltd from 27 January to 9 February this year to film a documentary about Rooibos and about the Fairtrade Rooibos farm Driefontein. This forms part of a series called To Other Worlds, which will be aired in France in June this year.

From the USA: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s David DeCandia

David DeCandia, Director of Tea at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf which is the oldest and largest privately-held specialty coffee and tea retailer in the USA, visited Rooibos Ltd to learn more about Rooibos and to present a Caring Cup contribution from his company to the Driefontein Rooibos farm’s education fund. Read more.