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Rooibos Ltd community engagement

Rooibos Ltd supports tennis teams and karate club in Clanwilliam
Rooibos Ltd sponsors shirts for Essex Cricket Club
Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium's learners receive Buffs from Rooibos Ltd
Rooibos Ltd provides Clanwilliam Community Police Forum with caps
Rooibos Ltd helps learners with transport to Youth Expo
Rooibos Ltd helps with transport for Enshin Karate Club
Rooibos Ltd and CANSA host a community day to create awareness of cancer
Rooibos Ltd offers second free Marshal Workshop
Rooibos Ltd sponsorships: Clanwilliam Wild Flower Bowls Tournament
Rooibos Ltd sponsorships: Clanwilliam Lantern Festival
Rooibos Ltd sponsorships: Clothing for local cross country team
Two local karate clubs benefit from Rooibos Ltd's support
Rooibos Ltd sponsored jerseys for Clanwilliam Rugby Club and u/11 Sederberg Primary School Rugby team
Rooibos Ltd sponsored banners and other items for the Delicious Rugby Club
Rooibos Ltd sponsors sports clothing for Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium
Clanwilliam's Crushers Golf Team sponsored by Rooibos Ltd
Finbond Art Centre hosts exhibition with Rooibos Ltd as sponsor
Rooibos Ltd supports local neighbourhood watch and youth group
Rooibos Ltd sponsored Kleinbegin Pre-primary School signage
Rooibos Ltd sponsored Nature Garden signage
Business bowls competition
Marshals trained by Rooibos Ltd receive certificates at prize-giving ceremony
Rooibos Ltd sponsors shirts for Golden Oldies rugby team
Rooibos Ltd sponsors Heritage Symposium's gala dinner
Rooibos Ltd sponsored doors and security gates for local school
Rooibos Ltd supports 15th Annual Clanwilliam Lantern Festival
Rooibos Ltd offers workshop to train marshals for big events
From Wupperthal to Los Angeles - Rooibos country's Riel dancers are doing us proud
Rooibos Ltd sponsors sports clothing for local teams
Riel dancing: Rooibos Ltd co-sponsors Nuwe Graskoue Trappers' USA trip