40 Rooibos Ltd employees complete training

40 Rooibos Ltd employees complete supervision and team leadership training

40 Rooibos Ltd employees complete supervision and team leadership training

The first half of the Rooibos Ltd training programme focused on supervisor training which included the development of personal leadership skills, problem solving skills, decision making skills, delegation, communication and assertiveness. The second half focused on team leadership, team motivation, team dynamics, emotional intelligence, and personal and transformative leadership.

Says Andriƫtte Muller, HR Manager at Rooibos Ltd: "The group of supervisors who completed their training have grown on a personal and professional level. They will certainly have a positive impact on the company's productivity and profitability. At the same time, the foundation for solid leadership has also been laid. These employees will now go back to their departments and teams to apply what they have learnt, to influence quality standards and service excellence, and to manage others. We are proud of each one of our employees who has persevered and completed this programme."

The staff members who completed the supervisor training were: Anne van Jaarsveld, Hendrik Swarts, Pieter Swarts, Ricardo Beukes, Andries September, Mary Willemse, Cynthia Farmer, Herman Kotze, Francios Coetzee, Adam Kotze, Shafiek Boer and Jan Perrang.

The staff members who completed the team leadership training were: Petrus Fortuin, Edwill September, Jeffrey Ockhuis, Gert Seas, Jason Swarts, Dawid Lourens, Dudley Jentzil, Christopher Gideons, Renaldo Samson, Nigel Ockhuis, Cornelius Swarts, Jakoba Syster, Winston Fransman, Daniel Zimri, Martiens September and Bronville Mwagomba.

Front row from left: Gert Seas, Bronville Mwagomba, Jakoba Syster and Dawid Lourens
Middle row from left: Cornelius Swarts, Nigel Ockhuis, Petrus Fortuin, Winston Fransman and Martiens September
Back row from left: Jeffrey Ockhuis, Daniel Zimri, Edwill September and Dudley Jentzil

Front row from left: Adam Kotze, Andries September, Mary Willemse and Cynthia Farmer
Back row from left: Ricardo Beukes, Hendrik Swarts, Shafiek Boer, Jan Perrang, Francios Coetzee, Anne van Jaarsveld, Herman Kotze and Pieter Swarts






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