Clients and media from all over the world visit Rooibos Ltd

Clients and media from all over the world visit Rooibos Ltd

Rooibos NewsClients and media visit Rooibos Ltd

Recent visitors to Rooibos Ltd include a coffee roaster from The Netherlands, a volunteer group from Whole Foods Market in the USA, representatives of local companies as well two journalists.

From The Netherlands: Timmo Terpstra from Coffeeroaster Peeze

Rooibos Ltd played host to Timmo Terpstra, director of Coffeeroaster Peeze in The Netherlands. To gain an understanding of the story of Rooibos, he was taken to Rooibos farms and to Rooibos Ltd’s facilities to see all aspects of the production process of Rooibos.

From the USA: Volunteer group from Whole Foods Market 

A group from the USA-based Whole Foods Market’s Team Member Volunteer Program visited Rooibos Ltd in August this year. This formed part of their undertaking to serve communities and to see where and how Whole Foods Market products are grown. As hosts, Rooibos Ltd took them to a Rooibos farm to plant seedlings and to the factory to see how Rooibos is, among others, quality-graded and packaged. They also enjoyed a Rooibos-inspired lunch.


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