Herman Kotze walks for CANSA

Herman Kotze walks for CANSA to help the fight against cancer

Herman Kotze walks for CANSA to help the fight against cancer

Herman Kotze walked from Cape Town to Clanwilliam as part of the 30th Rooibos Ltd supported Freshpak Fitness Festival to raise money for CANSA. He hoped to create awareness of the fight against cancer through this initiative.

Having lost multiple family members to the disease, CANSA is a cause that lies close to Herman's heart. He lost both his parents when he was between the ages of five and six. Years later, he decided to look into their deaths. He discovered that his mother had died as a result of lung cancer and his father had passed away from a heart attack related to diabetes. Soon thereafter, Herman's adoptive mother had also been diagnosed with a malignant tumour. Her health rallied with the help of radiation treatment and she believed that she had beaten the disease, but was sadly later diagnosed with a recurrence of the cancer and passed away. Ina, Herman's aunt, was also diagnosed with cancer.

These experiences encouraged Herman to start the walkathon as a fundraiser for CANSA. Herman also hoped to create awareness during his journey to Clanwilliam and at the Freshpak Fitness Festival. A percentage of the festival's proceeds is donated to CANSA as the event's official beneficiary. Readers of this newsletter who would still like to support Herman Kotze's cause can visit www.givengain.com/ap/walkathon for details.


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