Drones over Rooibos country

Rooibos tea is enjoyed the world over but not everyone has had a chance to visit the unique area from which it originates. Rooibos only grows naturally in a small corner of our planet - the Cederberg mountains of the Western Cape in South Africa, about 200 km north of Cape Town. This rugged and spectacularly beautiful region is the heart of the Rooibos industry.

Once a year, around January to March, Rooibos is harvested on the plantations around Clanwilliam before being transported to the factory for processing. This year we took to the air to bring you a bird's-eye view of the action.

Rooibos Ltd called on specialist aerial cinematographers to film a new and unusual perspective of the harvesting process. A year ago they provided us with stunning footage of the Rooibos seed-beds, where the whole process starts, and of the drying yards at the factory. This summer they drove into the mountains to capture the natural beauty of a Rooibos plantation ready for harvesting.

A custom-built rig fitted with gimbals carrying a high-speed camera was used for this footage. The radio-controlled helicopter was manoeuvred by a specialist pilot and the camera was operated by an experienced videographer. Click here to watch some of the aerials captured for you that day.