From a South African Rooibos Council media release prior to the
Two Oceans Marathon: Rooibos to boost Oceans runners' performance

According to the South African Rooibos Council (SARC), Rooibos may just be the panacea the more than 27 000 Two Oceans' Marathon runners need to boost their energy and performance. Ernest du Toit, spokesperson for the Rooibos Council says drinking Rooibos will not turn you into a super-human endurance athlete, but it has been shown to have performance-boosting benefits when consumed before, during or after a run.

"Athletes would benefit from Rooibos tea's powerful army of antioxidants that fight inflammation and boost circulation, in order to help heal damaged muscle tissue. It also has a high concentration of magnesium and zinc, which aids in testosterone production, which is important for the body's durability and ability to recover, along with calcium, magnesium and manganese, which are vital for bone health. In addition, Rooibos helps the body to absorb iron, which enhances oxygen delivery to the muscles, which is critical in endurance racing.

"Scientists of today increasingly feel it is important that antioxidants come from rich mixtures of biologically active compounds in plants, rather than from isolated synthetic antioxidants, which are often packed with sugars, vegetable fat, artificial sweeteners, flavouring agents and colourants. Putting these into your body on a sustained basis, particularly if you are constantly pushing your limits, isn't a good idea," explains Du Toit.

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