It is important for Rooibos Ltd to create touchpoints for engagement with stakeholder groups such as clients, retailers, consumers, the media and local communities. This helps to create an environment conducive for sales. That is why Rooibos Ltd exhibited at Foodex Japan 2018, why we hosted visitors from Russia and Turkey, and why we support local athletes. Also, the mention that Rooibos has received in the USA-based Marvel's She-Hulk comic strip says something about our reach! Lastly, see our recipes and try out Springbok pie, milk tart and cocktails made memorable with a touch of Rooibos. Stick with Rooibos – it will take you places!


Rooibos Ltd exhibits at Foodex Japan 2018

This year was the first time that Rooibos Ltd formed part of the DTI's pavilion at Foodex Japan 2018. Rooibos Ltd was represented by QA Manager Liezel Slabber, who commented: "This is where visitors look for business opportunities and source information about unique products such as Rooibos. So it is important for us to be here." Rooibos Marketing Ltd Japan, which represents Rooibos Ltd in Japan, also exhibited at Foodex Japan.

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Rooibos Ltd hosts visitors from the UK, Europe, Turkey and Russia

Visitors from Turkey, Russia, the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands recently visited Rooibos Ltd for a first-hand experience of what indigenous Rooibos is all about. Among the visitors were film crews producing inserts on Rooibos. Says Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd, "These visits present us with a touchpoint where we can engage with business clients and media representatives who want to craft an experience-based story for their audiences."

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Taste luxury coffee and Rooibos at Coco Safar's new store in Sea Point

Luxury café brand Coco Safar has opened a new flagship store in the Artem Centre (previously known as The Adelphi Centre) in Main Road, Sea Point, on Cape Town's Atlantic seaboard. The Coco Safar experience delivers many 'world firsts' in its offering of specialty coffee and Rooibos products, world-class collections of Nespresso® compatible capsules, patisserie, café fare and lifestyle accessories.

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South Africa's favourite Rooibos features in Marvel comic strip

Rooibos has become part of popular culture! In the latest edition of Marvel's She-Hulk‚ the hero, Jennifer Walters, is offered a cup of Rooibos by her psychiatrist Flo Mayer to "calm her down". SA Rooibos Council spokesperson Adele du Toit said, "The fact that the author has Mayer offering Walters a cup of Rooibos to calm her nerves‚ after the confrontation with a villain … is right on the money. Research done by several academic institutions proved Rooibos tea's ability to alleviate stress and anxiety levels."

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Laager Rooibos partners with chefs Lebo and Tebo Ndala from withlovefromthetwins

Leading tea brand Laager Rooibos has announced its celebrity agreement with qualified chefs Lebo and Tebo Ndala from the food blog withlovefromthetwins. Says Lebo, "Tea in our household is always a moment to savour with a pot of Rooibos or black tea accompanied by home-made scones or pastries." Laager Rooibos Marketing Manager Candice Sessions commented that Lebo and Tebo are true South Africans "who have some amazing Rooibos recipes to share".

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Rooibos is truly South African

Corli Botha, former Koekedoor winner and this year's National Rooibos Day representative, talks about this truly South African plant which has been cultivated in the unique Clanwilliam area since 1930.

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Rooibos Ltd sponsors ten cross-country athletes

The performance record of Clanwilliam's Hardlopers vir die Here (Runners for Christ) speaks of dedication and hard work. The team's Top 10 cross-country athletes recently received new T-shirts from Rooibos Ltd. Coach Cor Nieuwoudt thanked Rooibos Ltd for its support.

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Rooibos Ltd provides young Boland athlete with running gear

Rooibos Ltd made a financial contribution to Brenville Syster enabling him to obtain the running gear he needed to participate in the Western Cape Championships at Daljosafat, Paarl. Brenville qualified to represent the Boland Primary athletics team.

PHOTO CAPTION: Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd, with young athlete Brenville Syster.


Why it is good to enjoy a cup of Rooibos

It is becoming more and more popular to brew one's own tea. Rooibos offers plenty of flavour and health benefits. In addition, it is caffeine free and filled with antioxidants. It is also essential to visit a teashop to discover the various types of teas – such as Rooibos – with which one can replace coffee and soft drinks.

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What are the best teas for your health?

According to this article, the top teas for health are green tea, jasmine tea, Rooibos tea, hibiscus tea and lemon verbena tea. Rooibos has been singled out for its high antioxidant content which may protect the liver from oxidative stress. Rooibos also helps to lower blood pressure and relax tense muscles thanks to the flavonoid chrysoeriol. Unlike black tea, Rooibos does not contain caffeine.

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How Rooibos helps to regulate blood sugar levels

According to this article, published on the Romanian website, natural South African Rooibos helps to regulate blood sugar levels. The antioxidants in Rooibos stimulate the immune system as well as the digestive system. In addition, Rooibos has compounds that help to prevent premature aging and that support weight loss.

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Recipes with Rooibos for you to make

Here is a selection of recipes made special by adding Rooibos: Sweet Rooibos mealie meal topped with fruit or sweet potato; Springbok pie with fig-and-Rooibos compote; Honey, Rooibos and cardamom milk tart; Afternoon tea made with Duchess Virgin Gin & Tonic, chilled Rooibos and honey; Rooibos, honey and vanilla Easter cake; and Kickstarter cocktail with Rooibos-infused gin.

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