The story behind Vashti’s teabag jewellery and crafts

Vashti Naidoo started her eco-friendly and socially responsible Teabag Jewellery and Crafts business as a stay-at-home mom looking for a way to earn some income. Crafting was the only skill she knew.

To make her teabag jewellery, she collects used teabags from coffee shops. Vashti then involves the mentally challenged children of the Blouvlei School in her crafting project. They help her with the teabags she needs for her jewellery. By cutting open the teabags and sorting the tea leaves, the children acquire hand-and-eye coordination skills, develop their muscles and learn to concentrate. It also teaches the children to be part of a team. Vashti also contributes financially towards the school.

Vashti then turns the recycled teabags into jewellery. She also makes soap which contains Rooibos and honey.

She entered her designs at the Cape Craft & Design Institute where they were selected to be showcased at the Design Indaba’s Handmade Collection 2012, on SABC3’s morning show Expresso and in an international magazine. The response from the public was one of hope and inspiration. Her creations also send out a positive message about recycling.

  • To see Vashti on SABC3’s Expresso show, go to YouTube and enter “vashti naidoo recycling teabags”.
  • To make Vashti’s Rooibos soap, click here
  • To read about Vashti in the Women’s Choice magazine, go to, click on Previous publications, Women’s Choice, select the May 2012 issue and download the flippy book (pages 6 - 9).