Rooibos Q&A

We answer your questions on Rooibos and related topics.

Are other herbal teas also caffeine free?
Almost all other herbal teas also have zero caffeine. An exception is Yerba Mate, a South American herbal tea that contains caffeine.

What is the best way to store Rooibos?
The best conditions under which to store Rooibos would be a cool, dry and dark place.

Will storing Rooibos in the freezer have any effect on shelf life and/or other health-promoting properties?
It is unlikely that storing Rooibos in a freezer will have a significant effect on shelf life or chemical composition and antioxidant activity.

Why do some people prefer caffeine free beverages over decaffeinated drinks?
Depending on the specific decaffeination process used, the end-product may contain potentially harmful traces of solvent residues. That is why many people prefer not to drink beverages that have been chemically decaffeinated.

What is the maximum shelf life of Rooibos? 
Only a proper sensory evaluation of the effect of storage time can suggest optimum shelf life for best taste.