Winter is a time for hearty dishes made with healthy Rooibos - like fillet with a brandy and Rooibos cream sauce, Rooibos ciabatta with homemade lavender, vanilla and honey butter, and chicken with chutney, yoghurt and Rooibos. New drinks and skin products made with Rooibos have been launched in, among others, South Africa, Britain, Canada, France and Germany. Various research articles confirm the significant health benefits of Rooibos while popular articles all over the world encourage the use of Rooibos. Enjoy your newsletter with a huge mug of Rooibos!

Rooibos in recipes around the world

All over the world, chefs and home cooks are discovering the flavours and health benefits of Rooibos as an ingredient in recipes. We invite you to try out these winter recipes: Fillet Au Poivre with Brandy and Rooibos Cream Sauce, Rooibos Ciabatta and Chutney chicken. Also make your own Rooibos-based iced teas, smoothies and more: Rooibos peach punch, Peach and Rooibos smoothie, Lemon and mint iced tea, Rooibos warmer, Rooibos and passion fruit iced tea and Summer fruits & flowers Rooibos punch.

Ovvio launches artisan teas made from natural ingredients such as Rooibos

The British company Ovvio introduced a range of ready-to-drink teas made from natural ingredients such as Rooibos. Ovvio's kilojoule-free iced teas offer a healthy alternative to traditional sugar-laden drinks. Read more.

All4Women competition offers Baobab and Rooibos Body Butter as prizes

The South African website All4Women ran a competition in collaboration with Rain Africa and PhytoTrade Africa in which entrants could win hampers of Baobab and Rooibos Body Butters. Read more.

This Way Up rebrands Teaforia

The British tea company Zacely worked with London-based brand consultancy This Way Up Design to reposition and rebrand its gourmet ground tea portfolio called Teaforia, which includes Ginger Ninja made with ground Rooibos, orange, spicy ginger and honey. Read more.

Løv Organic launches a gift box of teas called All my Løv Rooibos

In Germany, the company Løv Organic has produced a gift box of Rooibos teas that include Rooibos with vanilla, Rooibos with orange and cinnamon, and Rooibos with pineapple and mint.

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Functional foods: tea popsicles with Rooibos

TeaPops from the small Canadian company DeeBee's are low in carbs, sugar and fat. The popsicles are made from certified organic ingredients such as Rooibos. The popsicles are the "world's first organic tea-based frozen novelty," according to DeeBee's.

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France's Bonneterre launched a range of organic teas

The French company Bonneterre now sells a range of organic teas that includes Rooibos with mango, peach and marigold flowers. The packaging is made from compostable paper.

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Rooibos Science Café: The link between Rooibos and heart health

The online version of Cape Town's glossy magazine Get It featured an article on Prof Jeanine Marnewick who conducted research on the ability of Rooibos to reduce oxidative damage to lipids (fats), which helps to prevent or slow down atherosclerosis, or hardening of arteries.

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The role of Rooibos in preventing high altitude sickness

Research shows that Rooibos can help to prevent high altitude sickness (HAS). Says Professor Simeon Davies, Head of the Department of Sport Management at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology: "It is exciting to think that a South African indigenous plant such as Rooibos may be a natural way to attenuate the effects of HAS ..."

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The science behind Rooibos

Three studies confirm the benefits of the antioxidants in Rooibos on testicular health, the body's internal defence systems and inflammation.

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Rooibos is one of the 7 best foods to decrease your heart disease risk

A study at Penn State in the USA found that people who react badly to stressful situations have increased levels of inflammation in their bodies - and inflammation is directly tied to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Research shows the unique Rooibos flavanoid Aspalathin can reduce stress hormones that lead to heart disease.

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Herbal heaven: the other cup of tea

"A well-crafted restaurant tea offering should include a fruit tea, one or two herbals and a Rooibos blend." So says Frank Weber on this Canadian food service website. According to Weber, "Rooibos is one of the must-haves amongst herbal infusions".

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Rooibos - where it comes from and how it differs from other types of tea

The Spanish website describes the origins of Rooibos. It also touches on the health benefits of Rooibos and explains how it differs from other types of tea.

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What to drink during pregnancy

In this article, the Spanish website says caffeine-free and low-tannin Rooibos is the ideal drink for pregnant mothers. It can also serve as a coffee substitute.

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Rooibos identified as one of 10 foods that helps to lower stress

The Spanish website Melodijolola ("Lola told me and you") discussed ten foods that help to reduce stress and anxiety. Among them is magnesium-rich Rooibos that "naturally helps to calm anxiety and balance the body".

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Rooibos identified as one of the teas that help you lose weight

The USA-based website Shape featured an article on types of tea that will help you to lose weight. This includes Rooibos. Research shows that the Rooibos flavanoid Aspalathin can reduce stress hormones that trigger hunger and fat storage.

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Italian magazine features article on the "African Rooibos drink"

Italy's Elle magazine website published an article on the benefits of Rooibos - the "red, sweet and healthy" drink from Africa. Rooibos contains no calories, helps with digestion, fights ageing, comes in red and green varieties and is often flavoured with fruit, vanilla and spices.

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Rooibos - the new drink to replace coffee

The antioxidants in Rooibos support health in various ways. This is confirmed by over 25 years of research. Rooibos can therefore be used as a substitute for coffee. So says the Argentine website DERF.

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India's Verve magazine says Rooibos is good for your skin

In its do-it-yourself beauty tip of the month, Verve magazine says washing your face with cold or lukewarm antioxidant-rich Rooibos will instantly freshen up your skin and help to combat pimples.

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8 super foods you don't know about

Care2, a California-based online community with over 29 million people worldwide, recently ran an article on superfoods on its website. These superfoods include Rooibos, which "may help prevent cancer and memory loss".

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Drink Rooibos for the good health of your skin

In an article titled Which teas you should drink to improve your skin, Health Medicine Network's website suggests drinking South African Rooibos to benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties. Rooibos can therefore be used to treat skin conditions like rosacea or acne.

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Reduce your sweet cravings with Rooibos

The Romanian website Click! featured a short article on the benefits of Rooibos, including its ability to reduce the craving for sugary foods.

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