What you'll find in this newsletter: A new survey says the number of South Africans who drink Rooibos are increasing while those drinking black tea are decreasing. In July, Rooibos Ltd hosted a stand at an expo in Taiwan to increase awareness of Rooibos in this market. Various articles explain the health and weight loss benefits of Rooibos. Also try out these recipes: A Tuscan iced tea mocktail made with Rooibos, lime juice, syrup, rosemary and orange bitters, and a Rooibos Crème Brûlée Crêpe Cake with layers of crêpes and custard, covered with caramel shards and edible flowers.

Survey says Rooibos is changing the South African tea market

South Africa's 30.9 million tea-lovers are shifting towards a preference for Rooibos rather than black tea. This is one of the findings in market research agency Insight Survey's SA Tea Industry Landscape Report 2016. In addition, the Rooibos Council says about half of the Rooibos output is exported annually to more than 30 countries.

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Rooibos Ltd talks to Taiwanese market at Taichung Tea, Coffee & Bakery Show

The South African Liaison Office in Taiwan invited Rooibos Ltd to exhibit at the Taichung Tea, Coffee & Bakery Show (TCFB) in July this year. Taiwan already has seven importers of Rooibos. Says Rooibos Ltd's Marketing Director, Arend Redelinghuys: "We certainly managed to create more awareness and educate potential consumers about Rooibos at the TCFB."

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Rooibos is one of five foods that will help your body to age well

Rooibos, salmon, oats, blueberries and Brussel sprouts have been singled out as nutrient-dense foods that can help you fight the signs of ageing. What's more, Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free, which turns it into a great alternative to decaf coffee.

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How Rooibos can help with weight loss

Rooibos is a great choice for those struggling with weight loss and stress. What makes Rooibos particularly good for soothing the mind is the unique flavanoid called Aspalathin which can reduce stress hormones that trigger hunger and fat storage, and are linked to hypertension, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

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22 best and worst foods for stress

A poor diet, busy life and demanding job can contribute to chronic stress levels, which can prevent you from losing weight. Rooibos can help you nourish your body. Researchers say the fat-fighting compound aspalathin in Rooibos reduces the stress hormones (which trigger hunger and fat storage) and can even inhibit the formation of new fat cells by up to 22%.

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Good nutrition on the job will give you the edge

Corporate Wellness Week in July this year put the spotlight on workplace nutrition. As employees eat nearly half of their daily meals and snacks at the workplace, what is consumed during working hours can have a great impact on overall diet and health. One suggestion is to replace sugary drinks with Rooibos - either as a hot drink or iced tea.

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Reasons to drink Rooibos

The Mexican healthy lifestyle magazine Salud180 published an article on reasons to drink Rooibos. One reason is the ability of Rooibos to help eliminate toxins from the body, which, in turn, will support weight loss.

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Rooibos in recipes around the world

We invite you to try out this Tuscan iced tea mocktail made with Rooibos, lime juice, syrup, rosemary and orange bitters. Or make this Rooibos Crème Brûlée Crêpe Cake with layers of crêpes and Rooibos custard, covered with caramel shards and edible flowers.

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How does steep time impact the polyphenol and antioxidant content of Rooibos?

In this Canadian study, eight commercially available teas, including Rooibos, were tested for total polyphenol content and antioxidant capacity in relation to steep time. It was found that total polyphenol content increased as steep time increased. However, steep time did not change the antioxidative capacity of tea polyphenols.

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USA's Rooibos-containing Pai-Shau named one of the Top 10 hair care brands

Pai-Shau, the award-winning pioneer in tea antioxidant technology for hair, is cited as one of the top professional hair care brands to watch in 2016. Pai-Shau's Signature Exotic Tea Complex includes Rooibos and gives "longer-lasting, frizz-free benefits for every hair type" without residue.

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Terre Mère's Rosehip & Rooibos cleanser nourishes mature skin

Made in the USA, this rich cleanser uses Rooibos and other healthy ingredients to cleanse away dirt and imperfections while delivering healthy hydration and nourishment.

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Boost your body's immune system with Rooibos and fend off various diseases

Rooibos contains a complex mix of flavonoids, including the antioxidant aspalathin and the rare glucoside nothofagin. These antioxidants help fend off free radicals which cause ageing, a declining immune system and the onset of various diseases. What's more, Rooibos can be used as a drink, recipe ingredient and even skin treatment.

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