Rooibos is good for people as well as pets. Read about a schoolgirl who stabilised her diabetic Labrador's blood sugar levels within four weeks of mixing her dog's drinking water with Rooibos. Also read about the increasing number of people in China switching over to Rooibos. Locally, Rooibos Ltd appointed three new employees and sponsored a Suurrug rugby team with jerseys. Internationally, new products formulated with Rooibos range from iced and loose leaf teas to skin serums and body butter. Lastly, try these recipes with Rooibos and make fruit gummies, punch, tea cookies, braised beef stew and more. Get creative with your Rooibos!

Schoolgirl helps her diabetic dog with Rooibos

Zaria Rule - a Grade 7 learner from Centurion - tested green Rooibos on several diabetic dogs, including her Labrador, Jessie, as part of a school science project. After four weeks of giving the dogs one cup of green Rooibos diluted with three cups of tap water a day, Jessie's blood sugar levels were more stable than ever and she "was her old self again".

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Rooibos Ltd's products exhibited at South African Embassy in Thailand

Rooibos is synonymous with South Africa. This is the message conveyed by the displays of Rooibos Ltd branded products at the South African Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. The Embassy also serves Rooibos to its guests and gives Rooibos samples to importers.

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Joekels Tea Packers owns second largest Rooibos brand in South Africa

Rooibos Ltd client Joekels Tea Packers packs, blends and distributes some of South Africa's most popular household tea brands. It began in 1994 when Joe Swart and Jonathan Kelsey joined forces to create Joekels Tea Packers. Today, Joekels has the second largest Rooibos brand - Laager Rooibos - and biggest kids tea brand - Tea4Kidz - in South Africa.

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Rooibos is setting a trend in China

Rooibos is gaining in popularity in China. Traditionally, the Chinese drink green teas, with a few options of black teas. However, more and more people "are switching over to Rooibos" because of its health benefits.

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Rooibos Ltd adds capacity by appointing three new staff members

These new staff members recently joined Rooibos Ltd: Hendrik Gouws as manager of the Packing Plant, Ilana Zeelie as certification officer in the Quality Assurance Department, and Melissa Schoeman as liaison officer communicating with producers.

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Young rugby players' tops sponsored by Rooibos Ltd

The Young Tigers rugby club from Suurrug in the Wupperthal area are now playing rugby in branded jerseys sponsored by Rooibos Ltd. Most of the team members are employees on farms where Rooibos is produced.

CAPTION: Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd, with Dawid Farmer, manager and coach of the Young Tigers rugby club.

Rooibos in recipes around the world

Versatile Rooibos is used in recipes all over the world. Try out Peach and Rooibos Tea Fruit Gummies, Rooibos Peach Tea Punch, Iced Ginger Chai, Tea Cookies with Rooibos Sugar, Beef Braised in Rooibos Tea with Sweet Potatoes, Rooibos Digestive Chai, and Rooibos Thai Iced Tea.

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From the USA: Nestea rolls out real-brewed tea line made with Rooibos

Nestea introduced various new iced teas in the rapidly expanding $4.5 billion ready-to-drink tea market in the USA. Its real-brewed tea line uses a unique hot-fill brewing process to ensure a fresh-brewed tea taste. Some of the teas in this line are made with Rooibos.

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From the UK: ChariTea Red Iced Rooibos Tea Passion Fruit

Rooibos blended with passion fruit makes for a good brew in a bottle. ChariTea's iced teas are made with organic ingredients sourced directly from Fairtrade farms. Every bottle sold supports social projects in communities.

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From the USA: Belize in You's Rooibos Tea Antioxidant Serum

Formulated with Rooibos, this serum treats wrinkles, provides intense moisture and stimulates the production of new collagen.

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From South Africa: Rain's Biologie Baobab and Rooibos Body Butter

Rain's Biologie range of "multi-tasking" skin products is formulated with Rooibos and baobab oil to help protect the skin from sun damage, delay ageing, revive skin tone and restore vital moisture to tired skin. The Biologie products are biodegradable and environment-friendly.

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From Canada: Tealish Fairy Dust Rooibos Iced Tea

This loose leaf tea is made with Honeybush, Rooibos, apple bits, orange blossoms, rose blossom leaves, elderflowers, strawberry bits and kiwi bits. "Drink this tea and you'll feel like you've just been sprinkled with fairy dust, it's so good."

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From the USA: Tisane Organic Vanilla Chai Alkaline Tea

This ready-to-drink alkaline tea is made with organic Rooibos, vanilla and chai spices. Also, this tasty tea is slightly sweet, rich in antioxidants and low in kilojoules, which makes it ideal for a healthy lifestyle.

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