Schoolgirl tests Rooibos on her diabetic dog as part of science project

Zaria Rule - a Grade 7 learner from Cornwall Hill College in Centurion - tested green Rooibos on several diabetic dogs, including het Labrador, Jessie, as part of a school science project. Jessie (9) was diagnosed with diabetes in 2015 and her energy levels had been low.

None of the dogs were forced to drink the preparation, but they all seemed to enjoy the taste. Often, their drinking bowls were refreshed twice a day. Zaria specifically used green Rooibos since previous studies found that it was the most effective extract to lower raised blood glucose levels in diabetic rats.

After four weeks of giving the dogs one cup of green Rooibos diluted with three cups of tap water a day, Jessie’s blood sugar levels were more stable than ever. Jessie “was her old self again and had an abundance of energy”. Jessie responded so well to the Rooibos supplementation, that her dose of insulin treatment could be reduced. The other dogs responded in a similar way.

Various studies by research institutes and universities have confirmed the potential of Rooibos to delay and possibly prevent the onset and progression of type 2 diabetes in diabetic rodents. Hence, it is no surprise that the dogs responded well to the treatment.

Zaria’s project helped to create awareness among the community that diabetes also affects dogs and that the early detection of the condition can improve the quality of their lives.

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