Read about Rooibos Ltd's involvement in the SA Heritage Association's annual symposium to help create "awareness of our cultural heritage as an asset" and how the company helped a local pre-primary school with security gates. New products include the Downton Abbey teas with Rooibos, cinnamon and vanilla. Various articles explain the health benefits of Rooibos, from weight loss to protection against diabetes and heart disease. Worldwide, the use of Rooibos in cocktails is all the rage at the moment - hence the recipes for you to try out. Enjoy your holiday with Rooibos!

Rooibos Ltd sponsors Heritage Symposium's gala dinner

The 13th Annual Symposium of The Heritage Association of South Africa was hosted by the Clanwilliam Heritage Society and Ou Tronk Museum in October this year. Rooibos Ltd MD Martin Bergh gave a presentation on the history of Rooibos and agriculture while Rooibos Ltd co-sponsored the Leipoldt Dinner. Says Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd: "The involvement of Rooibos Ltd in this symposium is about creating awareness of our cultural heritage as an asset that holds benefits for Clanwilliam and all its people." Read more and see photographs.

Rooibos Ltd sponsored doors and security gates for local school

The Kleinbegin Pre-primary School in Clanwilliam approached various organisations for funding to put up doors and security gates to keep the children and property safe. Rooibos Ltd did not hesitate to help as many of its employees' children attend Kleinbegin. The school thanked Rooibos Ltd for caring about the broader community of Clanwilliam. See photographs.

Join the Rooibos cocktail craze

A Rooibos cocktail movement has taken over bars across the world's cocktail capitals of London, New York and Cape Town, and has been dubbed by mixologists as this season's favourite party mixer. Low-kilojoule Rooibos plays well with gin, tequila, brandy, vermouth, and fruit such as berries and citrus. Try out these 8 Rooibos cocktail recipes.

3 ways to make the most out of Rooibos

This Sunday Time Food article shows you three ways in which Rooibos can be used in recipes - try this easy, flourless dark fruit cake with Rooibos, Rooibos marinated chicken salad, and Lemon and mint iced tea. See recipes.

Video shows how to make a Rooibos-infused cocktail

This video on the USA-based website The Daily Tea shows how The Field Gun Envy cocktail is made with Rooibos-infused cognac, sparkling wine, dry curacao, fresh lemon and orange peel. Watch video.

Rooibos recipes in Landbou Weekblad

Try this smoked chicken salad with a dressing made from, among others, Rooibos. Or make a fruit loaf with citrus peel, Rooibos and brandy, or these pork kebabs in a curry and Rooibos marinade. See these recipes in Afrikaans.

Vanilla-Rooibos Fig Newtons

The Yummly website features these delicious Newtons made with dried figs, Rooibos and oats. Find recipe here.

Rooibos iced tea with lemon, mint and honey

This easy-to-prepare Rooibos-based iced tea recipe with honey and fresh mint is a great alternative to cold drinks and fruit juices. See recipe in Afrikaans.

Johnson's Baby Gentle Protect range enriched with Rooibos

According to the consumer goods website Fast Moving, Johnson's® has introduced its Baby Gentle Protect range enriched with natural ingredients such as Rooibos, which is known for its anti-bacterial properties, while still being mild and gentle to delicate skin.

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Treatt introduces its Rooibos Tea Solution

Tea is closely associated with both the natural and health and wellness trends, and is perceived by consumers as a refreshing way to rehydrate. Treatt, the global ingredient solutions provider, has expanded its array of natural tea solutions with the launch of its Rooibos Tea Treattarome. This distillate with its authentic Rooibos character is used in beverage applications such as ready-to-drink teas.

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Downton Abbey tea collection combines Rooibos with a range of flavours

California-based tea purveyors The Republic of Tea has added these new teas to its Downton Abbey tea collection: Crawley Sisters Tea, which is a Rooibos blend with strawberry and chocolate flavours, and Downton Abbey Holiday Cheer Tea, which combines Rooibos with vanilla and cinnamon. Read more.

Amway launches hair care products with Rooibos

Amway's new Satinique hair care range includes a scalp tonic made with, among others, green Rooibos extract - a powerful antioxidant that protects hair from environmental factors. Read more in this article on Mexican website.

AdvantAGE moisturisers made with bio-active Rooibos extract

AdvantAGE, a range of creams and moisturisers aimed at women from 30 upwards, contains ingredients such as antioxidant-rich bio-active Rooibos extract made from green, unfermented leaves processed at source in the heart of the Cederberg.

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Rooibos can help you shed over a kilo a month

By swapping just one cup of coffee for Rooibos every day, you could drop as much as one kilogram per month. Rooibos contains no fat or carbohydrates, and its weight-loss properties include the ability to inhibit fat-storage hormones in the body. How does this work?

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Rooibos packs a punch against heart disease

The ability of Rooibos to help prevent heart disease has been widely researched. Says Ernest du Toit, spokesperson for the SA Rooibos Council (SARC): "With more South Africans dying from heart disease and stroke than ever before, these studies underline the value of Rooibos as a widely available, affordable and uniquely South African product rich in dietary antioxidants, which promotes heart health."

Read more about this research and about the ability of Rooibos to help prevent heart disease.

Rooibos can aid in the treatment of cancer

Biochemists from Stellenbosch University have found that two South African teas - Rooibos and Honeybush - contain properties that could fight cancer. Professors Amanda Swart and Ann Louw presented their research at the CANSA Research in Action Conference earlier this year.

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Bush elixir wins hearts and minds

The presence of aspalathin, a phenolic antioxidant exclusive to the Rooibos plant, has been known for a while but it is only recently that its powerful effect on diabetes and heart disease has become more understood. Researchers from South Africa to Japan are now studying the impact of Rooibos on these diseases.

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5 ways to start your morning (without coffee)

Tired of coffee? Here are five options for waking up in the morning. The alternatives, suggested by this article on the Mexican website El Semanario, include a ginger and lemon drink, dandelion tea, Rooibos, green juice and mate. Rooibos is encouraged because of its high antioxidant and mineral content, and its ability to help keeping the body in an alkaline state. Read original article.

Rest with Rooibos

This article, featured in the Afrikaans magazine LIG, outlines the various uses and benefits of Rooibos - ranging from the soothing feel of a cup of Rooibos to ways in which it can be used to treat your skin and hair. Read original article in Afrikaans.