In this newsletter: See photographs of local sports teams and other worthy causes that recently received sponsorships from Rooibos Ltd. Also read about the four long-service employees who received recognition from the company. Find out about innovative Rooibos-based products like iced teas, skincare products and health-promoting teas from countries such as France, the Netherlands, USA, UK, Canada and South Africa. And read about the beauty benefits of Rooibos and try the do-it-yourself tips. Stay healthy and beautiful with Rooibos!

Rooibos Ltd sponsors shirts for Essex Cricket Club

Players from the Essex Cricket Club in Clanwilliam are sporting Rooibos-branded shirts thanks to the support of Rooibos Ltd. Says Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd: "Rooibos Ltd is all about supporting a healthy lifestyle. This includes backing our local sports teams by sponsoring their sportswear."

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Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium's learners receive Buffs from Rooibos Ltd

Grade 6 learners from Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium in Clanwilliam received branded Buffs from Rooibos Ltd for their annual camp. The Buffs, which had the learners' names incorporated into the design, also served as a memento of a weekend of teamwork and fun.

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Rooibos Ltd provides Clanwilliam Community Police Forum with caps

Earlier this year, Rooibos Ltd sponsored branded shirts for members of the Clanwilliam Community Police Forum to increase their visibility. Now, to complete their outfits, branded caps were also given to the Forum's members.

Rooibos Ltd helps learners with transport to Youth Expo

The Western Cape Agricultural Youth Society approached Rooibos Ltd for support to showcase small stock from Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium at the 2016 Youth Show's National Championships. This sponsorship enabled the learners to transport 16 animals to the show in Morgenzon, Mpumalanga.

Rooibos Ltd helps with transport for Enshin Karate Club

Some 40 members of the Enshin Karate Club in Clanwilliam attended a training camp at Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town thanks to transport being sponsored by Rooibos Ltd. Enshin's karate instructor Xavier Goeieman expressed his gratitude towards the company for helping people to live healthier lives and enjoy more self-confidence.

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Four Rooibos Ltd employees receive long-service awards

Rooibos Ltd recently gave long-service awards to Anna Mouton, Operator: Packaging (20 years), Jeané Huisamen, Logistics Account Manager (10 years), Desmond Hendricks, Operator: Maintenance (5 years), and Christopher Kouter, Operator: Maintenance (5 years). Says Arend Redelinghuys, Marketing Director at Rooibos Ltd: "We thank them for their commitment and contribution. The continued existence of Rooibos Ltd depends on loyal employees such as Anna, Jeané, Desmond and Christopher."

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Earl's Tea Co introduces peach-flavoured ice tea

Rooibos with a difference – this is what Earl's Tea Co from Bonnievale in the Western Cape offers. Its carbonated iced tea combines Rooibos, peach flavour and a touch of alcohol.

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Rooibee Red Tea offers new Rooibos drinks – watermelon and wild berries

Ready-to-drink Kentucky-based Rooibos tea manufacturer Rooibee Red Tea has launched two new flavours, namely watermelon and mint, and wild berries. Both flavours are made with organic Rooibos which is naturally caffeine-free and "darn delicious".

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Veld's skincare formulated with Rooibos

In France, Veld's range of skincare products includes various cleansers and a brightness adapter, all formulated with Rooibos as an ingredient known for its anti-ageing properties.

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Little Butterfly London introduces cream with Rooibos for stretch marks

The British company Little Butterfly London offers a range of organic skincare products for mothers and babies. This includes a stretch mark butter called Cocoon of Bliss which contains Rooibos to "sooth and calm itchy skin".

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Amway's Santinique scalp tonic with Rooibos treats hair and skin

This leave-in tonic, which treats hair and moisturises the scalp, contains green Rooibos extract to help "create the ideal environment" for strong, healthy hair.

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Wicked Lekker Rooibos Tea inspired by its South African roots

From Provincetown, Massachusetts, comes a range of bottled Rooibos drinks made with organic Rooibos, moringa, honey and fruit flavours to offer a "deep, sweet cup of Rooibos".

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Mission company hits Chinese market with Rooibos

The specialty tea company Tega Teas from Mission in British Columbia, Canada, has entered the market in China with its organic Fairtrade teas as there is an increasing demand for "sustainable organic foods, free from pesticides" in this Asian country. This includes Rooibos teas which are "caffeine-free wellness teas rich in antioxidants and minerals".

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Pickwick uses Rooibos in its Keelverzachtend and Even Opwarmen teas

The Herbal Goodness teas from Pickwick in the Netherlands includes soothing Keelverzachtend, made from Rooibos, eucalyptus and camomile, and nurturing Even Opwarmen, made from Rooibos, cinnamon and ginger.

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Brightside skincare made with "all-natural and well-researched" ingredients like Rooibos

The company Brightside from Madison in Wisconsin, USA, is producing skincare products without parabens, sulphates, carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. It uses ingredients such as Rooibos, coconut oil and aloe which adhere to safety standards prescribed by the USA, European Union and Japanese Ministry of Health.

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Discover the beauty secrets of African products like Rooibos

Antioxidant-rich Rooibos has long been used to treat skincare problems such as acne, eczema, rashes and sunburn. Rooibos also helps to delay the signs of ageing. To benefit from it, you can wash your face with Rooibos or use it as a toner. You can also apply Rooibos to itching skin.

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Drink Rooibos to boost your beauty

The Romanian Glamour magazine featured an article on the beauty secrets of South African women. This includes drinking caffeine-free Rooibos as an alternative to coffee and using skincare products formulated with antioxidant-rich Rooibos.

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Do-it-yourself beauty tips with Rooibos

The South African website Moneybags is all about saving and consumer savvy. In this article, it explains how to detox your skin with a 10-minute Rooibos steam facial. The alpha hydroxyl acid and zinc content of Rooibos also help to slow down the natural ageing process in the skin.

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Using Rooibos to help fight allergies

The Chilean fashion and health website MujeryEstilo featured an article on three teas with allergy-fighting properties. This includes South African Rooibos which acts as an antihistamine to counter mild allergies. What's more, Rooibos does not cause any drowsiness.

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Rooibos as one of 20 foods that help to ensure better sleep

The Dutch news website MSN published an article about 20 foods that support better sleep. This includes calming Rooibos because it does not contain any theine or caffeine. In addition, it contains beneficial antioxidants.

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Rooibos as a healthy drink for diabetics

Food and drinks play a vital role in reducing the risks of type 2 diabetes. So says South African news website RNEWS. Sodas, iced teas and fruit juices usually contain an unhealthy amount of sugar. Water is always the best option, but one healthy alternative is caffeine-free Rooibos.

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