Various events, products and initiatives show that Rooibos has become a global brand indeed. Rooibos Ltd was invited to attend the Tea Exporters Association's AGM in Sri Lanka to celebrate 150 years of Ceylon tea. Rooibos is increasingly used as a sought-after ingredient in craft gin, cocktails, iced teas and desserts (see recipes) all over the world. Also, a growing number of athletes and sports teams are taking the brand out into the world thanks to sponsorships from Rooibos Ltd. Last but not least, congratulations to Hannes van der Merwe from the farm Rietvlei who is the Rooibos Ltd Producer of the Year 2017. Enjoy a festive holiday with healthy Rooibos!


Iconic Rooibos becomes Proudly South African

Rooibos Ltd is now officially a Proudly South African member company. Says Proudly SA CEO Eustace Mashimbye, "Having such a classic South African brand as part of the Buy local campaign is very significant for us". Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager of Rooibos Ltd, commented: "To be Proudly South African endorses Rooibos Ltd. The company accounts for 230 jobs, while our suppliers employ 4 000 people. The Rooibos industry represents 6 500 jobs, so buying local matters when it comes to tea!"

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Rooibos Ltd participates in AGM of the Tea Exporters Association in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan tea industry is celebrating the 150 years of Ceylon tea this year. The Tea Exporters Association (TEA) in Sri Lanka used its AGM to celebrate this milestone and invited Rooibos Ltd's Sri Lankan Sales Manager, Tharanga Cooray, to attend.

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Rooibos Ltd announces its Producer of the Year

In October this year, Hannes van der Merwe from the farm Rietvlei received the Cecil Bergh Floating Trophy for the Rooibos Ltd Producer of the Year 2017. The HC Ginsberg Floating Trophy for the Top Rooibos Sample went to Buks Marais from Kleinvlei while Rooibos Ltd's Processing Yard and Henk Bakker from Achterfontein also received awards. Deon Kotze from Grootfontein was announced as the Seedling Grower of the Year.

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School Learner's science project on Rooibos honoured at DTI Symposium

A grade 7 learner from Centurion who chose to do a school science project on the effects of green Rooibos on diabetic dogs was honoured at this year's symposium held by the Department of Trade and Industry. Zaria Rule (12) presented her project findings to delegates who applauded her for her efforts. Zaria's project helped to create awareness among the public that diabetes also affects animals and that early detection can improve the quality of their lives.

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Rooibos Ltd enters team for CANSA Relay for Life

Rooibos Ltd sponsored a team of its employees to participate in the CANSA Relay for Life held in Clanwilliam on 14 October 2017. The company also sponsored the committee's shirts.

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Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium's Rugby Ramme supported by Rooibos Ltd

Augsburg Agriculture Gymnasium in Clanwilliam took part in kykNET's national primary school rugby championships for U/9A and U/13A teams. The matches were broadcasted on television. When the school's teams qualified for the finals in Pretoria on 30 September this year, they needed funding for nine of their rugby players. Rooibos Ltd provided financial support for the tour.

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Rooibos Ltd supports Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium's Youth Expo

The Western Cape Agricultural Youth Society approached Rooibos Ltd for support to showcase small stock from Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium at the 2017 Youth Show's National Championships in October.

This sponsorship enabled the learners to transport 16 animals to the show in Bathurst, Eastern Cape.

Marathon runner Jacques Basson backed by Rooibos Ltd

Rooibos Ltd sponsored one of its employees, Jacques Basson, a keen marathon runner, to take part in various half and full marathons.

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MTB cyclist Gerhard Groenewald received support from Rooibos Ltd

Rooibos Ltd and Slabbert Transport have sponsored Gerhard Groenewald for various mountain bike races. Slabbert Transport is Rooibos Ltd's transport service provider.

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Xavier Goeieman participates in Thailand karate event thanks to Rooibos Ltd

When Xavier Goeieman was selected as part of the Western Cape team representing South Africa at the 10th Anniversary World Full Contact Karate Cup in Thailand, he required financial support to attend the event. Hoosain Narker, President of the Africa Division of the World Kumite Organisation, approached Rooibos Ltd for assistance.

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Synith Eagles' rugby trophy sponsored by Rooibos Ltd

Rooibos Ltd sponsored a trophy for the Player of the Year from the Synith Eagles Rugby Club in Clanwilliam.

Caption: Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd, and Joppie Amon, Chairman of the Synith Eagles Rugby Club with the new trophy.


Recipes with Rooibos for you to recreate

Rooibos is used to add flavour, colour and nutrients in a wide range of recipes. Here is a selection of recent recipes from around the world: Chia chai butternut breakfast pudding, Mama Kia Chia, Pumpkin and Rooibos mini cheesecakes, Rooibos chai tiramisu, and a fig and thyme gin cocktail infused with Rooibos.

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Analysis of phenolic compounds in Rooibos

Tea samples from 17 populations of "wild tea" ecotypes Aspalathus linearis (Rooibos) and two populations of Aspalathus pendula were analysed. It was found that both produce similar combinations of phenolic compounds. Northern resprouters (Gifberg and Nieuwoudtville) contain higher phenylpropenoic acid glucoside levels while teas from Wupperthal and surrounding areas contain unique dihydrochalcones.

Read Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry article here.


South Africa: Cheers to Mayine Premium Gin – Africa's first black-owned gin brand

Luvoyo and Nodumo Jongile have been passionate about gin for more than a decade. Based in Khayelitsha, they have recently launched two gins: Rooibos Infused Mayine Gin and Grape Mayine Gin. The Rooibos gin has "an authentic flavour and is the result of the infusion of Rooibos tea and Honeybush botanicals". The grape based gin has "a slight hint of jasmine and coriander … tones of buchu, Rooibos and a hint of citrus".

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Austria: Bio-Eistee launched iced tea made with Rooibos and herbs

Spar Austria has introduced three organic iced teas. This includes ready-to-drink Bio-Eistee Rooibos and Herbs sweetened with organic cane sugar.

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Spain: Fred Cold Brew creates natural iced tea made with Rooibos and vanilla

Fred Cold Brew's 100% natural iced teas contain no sugar. The bottled teas are made using the cold brew technique, which does not make tea bitter.

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South Africa: Milk Galore's Rooibos with Cumin aimed at mothers who breastfeed

The Milk Galore brand has introduced Rooibos with Cumin conveniently packaged in teabags. This Rooibos-based tea is said to stimulate lactation in breastfeeding mothers.

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