Welcome to 2016! This is what you will find in our first newsletter for this year: News about exhibitions held to honour Rooibos industry founder Benjamin Ginsberg; pictures painted on used Rooibos tea bags; Rooibos articles featured in media around the world; and new products containing Rooibos - from craft beer to interesting iced teas. Also see photographs of Rooibos Ltd's Long Service Awards and year-end function. Enjoy the read with Rooibos.

Rooibos Ltd celebrates year-end with awards, fun, food and dancing

Rooibos Ltd's year-end function on 11 December last year was a festive affair at which the company's top performers were also announced. They included Gert van Rooy and Charmaine Arrangie (Freshpak Fitness Festival), Renaldo Sampson (Health and Safety), Jannie Cilliers and Anton Steyn (Good Housekeeping Practises) and the HACCP team. Read more and see photographs.

Rooibos Ltd acknowledges commitment with long service awards

Rooibos Ltd recognised the commitment of loyal employees with Long Service Awards at the end of 2015. Says Gerda de Wet, Rooibos Ltd's Communication Manager: "These awards are a way of saying thank you for the valuable contribution of these employees. So much of the institutional knowledge of the company is held by employees who have been with us for many years." Read more and see photographs.

Benjamin Ginsberg

Benjamin Ginsberg, founder of the Rooibos industry, honoured with two exhibitions

In 2015, two exhibitions were held to honour Benjamin Ginsberg, founder of the Rooibos industry. The first was hosted at the new Rothko Museum in Daugavpils, Latvia, from where Benjamin's family originated. The second took place in Clanwilliam as part of the Heritage Symposium. The exhibitions drew on family archives managed by Benjamin Ginsberg's descendants who remain actively involved in the Rooibos industry to this day. Read more and see photographs.

Wikotrade joins forces with Shenzhen fitness group to promote Rooibos

Wikotrade, a company that markets and sells Rooibos in China, now collaborates with the Shenzhen fitness group called the Total Fitness Club to promote the health benefits of Rooibos.

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TeaBagGirl paints faces on Rooibos tea bags

Jeanne-Marie Webb from Cape Town took on an online challenge to paint a hundred faces - one a day. The objective was to paint on different things and the idea was to paint small. She decided that used Rooibos tea bags would form the ideal canvas for her paintings. Read more and see paintings.

Brits taste test Rooibos and rusks

Red bush tea, as the British like to call Rooibos, has been taking off all over the world, even in the form of cocktails. In this video, a couple of young British people try out Rooibos with Ouma's buttermilk rusks. Watch video.

Article titled On the rocks tells the story of the Cederberg and Rooibos

The magazine Cape Town Etc featured a beautiful article titled On the rocks about the rugged Cederberg mountains, including Rooibos, which is endemic to the region.

Read article.

Germany's Die Welt features article on Western Cape, including Rooibos

In November last year, the German newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag published an article on all the attractions and landscapes offered by the Western Cape region of South Africa. It also mentioned "popular Rooibos", which only grows naturally in the Cederberg region around Clanwilliam.

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Germany's Tee-Fokus website talks about Rooibos, Honeybush and fynbos

The German website Tee-Fokus featured an article on Rooibos - "the red gold of South Africa".

Read the article, titled The treasures of South Africa - an article about Rooibos, Honeybush and fynbos here.

Nespresso magazine on Rooibos espresso - "a stylish blend of sweetness and strength"

The Spring-Summer edition of Nespresso, the magazine for Nespresso Club Members, featured an article on Rooibos. "... Capetonians - encouraged by their baristas - are discovering a new drink: a generous dose of rooibos, milk and sugar, energised by a double espresso."

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Austrian company Ohnly adds green Rooibos to its ready-to-drink teas

The Austrian company Ohnly believes in the health benefits of pure brewed tea. Its ready-to-drink Refresh + Detox tea is made from green Rooibos, hibiscus flowers, bits of apple, lemon juice and other ingredients. Green Rooibos has specifically been added for its antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals and trace elements.

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My T Iced launched in South Africa

My T Iced is a range of artisanal hot-brewed premium iced teas made with an organic Rooibos and Honeybush blend. It comes in three flavours: Bitter Orange, Lemongrass and Apple Cinnamon. This range has some of the lowest sugar levels in the South African market, and the ingredients meticulously sourced locally for flavour and quality.

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USA's Trader Joe's launches herbal infusion anthology with Rooibos

Trader Joe's in the USA launched a selection of herbal infusions from around the world. This "anthology of herbal infusions" includes South African Rooibos with lemon verbena and herbs.

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FitTea introduces a detox and weight loss tea with Rooibos

The USA-based company FitTea formulated a detox and weight loss tea which includes organic Rooibos, green tea, ginger, pomegranate, guarana, stevia, birch and honey powder. This article investigated each ingredient in this unique blend.

USA's Village Tea Company offers Rooibos with Acai berries

The USA-based Village Tea Company has launched a new tea: Cherry Me Bloom Rooibos with Acai. This tea contains "wonderfully sweet Rooibos, sour cherry, lemongrass, açaí berries and sunflower petals" to provide a boost of natural energy and antioxidants.

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RooiBaard craft beer made with Rooibos

RooiBaard is the fourth beer in the Cape Town based Sir Thomas Brewing Company's line-up. As a Rooibos infused amber ale, the RooiBaard (meaning Red Beard) is one of the more unique South African craft beers you will find.

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Rooibos Rocks Tea in US market

Trading Queen, a family-owned business based in Cape Town, launched its signature Rooibos Rocks tea in the American market. Says Madeleine Stokes, co-founder of Trading Queen: "It tastes delicious, is very versatile, and has a variety of clinically proven health benefits. We can't wait to make it more widely available to markets across the world, including the United States."

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