Rooibos Ltd celebrates year-end with awards, fun, food and dancing

Year-ends need to be celebrated to acknowledge the collective efforts of teams, and this is exactly what Rooibos Ltd did on 11 December last year. The company also announced its top performers at this event. They included Gert van Rooy and Charmaine Arrangie (Freshpak Fitness Festival), Renaldo Sampson (Health and Safety), Jannie Cilliers and Anton Steyn (Good Housekeeping Practises) and the HACCP team - Anne van Jaarveld, Francios Coetzee, Herman Kotzé, Cynthia Farmer, Abigail Ockhuis, Danny September, Hennie Swarts, Jannie Cilliers and Mary Willemse. Francios Coetzee also received an award from Clanwilliam's Chamber of Commerce for his commitment and loyalty to organise the Freshpak Fitness Festival.

The band Public Attention from Vredenburg provided the music for the dancing.