Rooibos Ltd acknowledges commitment with long service awards

At the end of 2015, Rooibos Ltd recognised the commitment of loyal employees with various Long Service Awards. Says Gerda de Wet, Rooibos Ltd's Communication Manager: "These awards are a way of saying thank you for the valuable contribution of these employees. So much of the institutional knowledge of the company is held by employees who have been with us for many years."

The 25-year awards went to Danny September and Amanda Theron, while the 20-year awards went to Ragel Beukes, Shafiek Boer, Charmaine Arrangie, Pieter Brandt and Herman Kotzé. The 10-year awards went to Adam Kotzé and Sophia September, and the 5-year awards went to Elvin Kotzé, Gert Seas, Zolisa (Fanti) Funani, Mthuthuzeli, (Filomon) Ndelebe and Jan Perrang.