In this newsletter we share the achievements of our employees, research findings and articles on the health benefits of Rooibos, and practical ways to use Rooibos in baby care and hair care. We also invite you to try out a handful of recipes - from a gingerbread smoothie with Rooibos to salmon poached in Rooibos and Rooibos and berry crème brûlée. Enjoy your newsletter with a cup of healthy Rooibos.

40 Rooibos Ltd employees complete supervision and team leadership training

Forty employees of Rooibos Ltd have just completed a 12-month training programme focused on supervision and team leadership skills. Says Andriƫtte Muller, HR Manager at Rooibos Ltd: "The group of supervisors who completed their training have grown on a personal and professional level. They will certainly have a positive impact on the company's productivity and profitability. At the same time, the foundation for solid leadership has also been laid. We are proud of each one who persevered and completed this programme."

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Rooibos Ltd acknowledges long service and loyalty of five employees

Five employees of Rooibos Ltd were singled out for their long service and commitment to the company. Says Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd: "The dedication and know-how of these employees strengthen the company and our community."

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Let your kids take Rooibos to school

During the back-to-school season in January, various online newspapers and magazines featured a story about the benefits of nutrient-rich Rooibos as alternative to sugary drinks for school children.

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Seven health benefits of Rooibos

"Local and international studies repeatedly reinforce the fact that Rooibos helps in the fight against heart disease. The latest study, conducted by Spanish researchers, shows that drinking Rooibos can prevent the development of heart disease." Various other benefits of Rooibos are also discussed on the savings advice website Moneybags.

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Protective properties of Rooibos flavonoids in the prevention of skin cancer

Research conducted by MSc student Asanda Gwashu at Stellenbosch University in 2015 investigated the ability of Rooibos flavonoids to help prevent skin cancer.

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Drink your Rooibos - it is a natural cancer remedy

Various natural products claim to have cancer-fighting properties without research to sort fact from fiction. However, the cancer-fighting properties of Rooibos have been well-researched. Here are some myths and facts about natural products claiming to have anticancer properties.

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Cardiovascular disease - the best foods to limit risks

This article in the French magazine Santé discussed the best foods to help limit the risk of cardiovascular disease. This includes Rooibos which helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol in order to protect the cardiovascular system of the body.

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A daily cup prevents diabetes, cancer, heart disease and allergies

The Romanian ZIUA de CLUJ website featured an article on Rooibos and explained its ability to fight various illnesses and allergies.

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Try out these Rooibos recipes from around the world

We invite you to try out the following: Gingerbread smoothie, Maple, prune & Rooibos ice cream, Blueberry granola smoothie, Apple & Rooibos cake, Rooibos chai tiramisu, Apple bake with mixed spice, Apple cider Rooibos hot toddy, 'Tea total' non-alcoholic cocktails, Rooibos and berry crème brûlée and Salmon poached in Rooibos.

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The science behind Rooibos

Ongoing research confirms the health benefits of Rooibos - including its immune-modulating function and anti-obesity and anti-cancer benefits.

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Stellenbosch student investigates soil microbes associated with Rooibos

As part of her MSc research assignment at Stellenbosch University, Blessing Mutiti undertook a comparative analysis of the identity, diversity and community structure of nitrogen-fixing bacteria associated with wild and cultivated populations of Rooibos.

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Rooibos and healthy hair: 10 of the best hair decisions you'll ever make

News24 Nigeria featured an article on ways to ensure healthy, good looking hair. One way is to use a cup of strong mineral-rich Rooibos "to soothe away brittle hair".

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How to use Rooibos in baby care

Rooibos is safe to use in practical baby care for, among others, skin irritations, insect bites and constipation.

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