Read all about SA's first National Rooibos Day on 16 January – the celebrations, announcement of the Face of Rooibos and more. Also read about Rooibos Ltd's Communication Manager who has won a special award from Clanwilliam's Chamber of Commerce. In its ongoing effort to do good, Rooibos Ltd honoured its long-service employees and donated money to a prosthetic limb foundation instead of buying corporative gifts. Various articles explain the health benefits of Rooibos or talk about new products – from Rooibos-infused gin and jam to chocolate and face powder. A hearty Rooibos welcome to 2017!

Celebrating National Rooibos Day in Clanwilliam – a real community effort

On Monday, 16 January this year, South Africa celebrated its first National Rooibos Day to honour the "Ceylon of Africa" as the founder of the Rooibos industry, Benjamin Ginsberg, referred to this indigenous asset. Clanwilliam hosted an event where the internationally acclaimed local Riel Dance group Die Nuwe Graskoue Trappers was chosen as the Face of Rooibos.

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Clanwilliam Chamber of Commerce honours Rooibos Ltd's Gerda de Wet and Francois Coetzee

Clanwilliam's Chamber of Commerce recently honoured Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager of Rooibos Ltd, in two ways – firstly by awarding the 2016 Chamber of Commerce Cup to the Freshpak Fitness Festival event, with Gerda as main organiser, and secondly by honouring her with a special award for exceptional service to Clanwilliam and its community.

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Rooibos Ltd supports Paul Steyn Foundation instead of buying corporate gifts

Last year, Rooibos Ltd decided to donate money to the Paul Steyn Foundation instead of sending out corporate gifts to clients. The Foundation raises funds to assist disadvantaged amputees to acquire prosthetic limbs. Frikkie Harmse, administrator of the Foundation, said in some provinces, the waiting list for prosthetic limbs is seven years. He thanked Rooibos Ltd for the generous donation, saying that "it will make a difference to somebody who needs it very much".

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Long-service awards handed out at Rooibos Ltd's year-end function

Rooibos Ltd celebrated its year-end function at Sir Lambert's in Lamberts Bay on 9 December 2016. Martin Bergh, MD of Rooibos Ltd, thanked the staff for their efforts and enthusiasm, and gave special thanks to the loyal employees who helped to ensure the company's sustainability.

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New appointment: Nelita Schlechter as liaison officer

Nelita Schlechter was recently appointed as liaison officer: producers in the Technical Department at Rooibos Ltd.

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Find out more about Benjamin Gingsberg – father of the Rooibos industry

National Rooibos Day on 16 January coincides with the birthday of Benjamin Ginsberg, who is widely regarded as the father of the commercial Rooibos industry and the first marketer of the "Mountain Tea". Read about the Ginsbergs and the journey of Rooibos, which is now being enjoyed in over 60 countries all over the world.

Bruce Ginsberg – On the road with zen and tea

In this article, Bruce Ginsberg, grandson of Benjamin Ginsberg who is hailed as the father of the Rooibos industry of South Africa, talks about Rooibos and his explorations of the classic world of tea. Says Bruce: "My grandfather was the first to put Rooibos into packets, making a consistent quality tea, and he carried out experiments using old Chinese tea curing techniques on this wild Cape plant."

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Espresso machine builder visits Coco Safar in Cavendish, Cape Town

The machine that Kees van der Westen – "the Da Vinci of espresso machines" – built for luxury café and espresso bar Coco Safar is more iconic than the current "market leader'" in espresso machines, which is a coup for the Coco Safar brand. This machine can also take Coco Safar's red and green Rooibos capsules, developed with the support of Rooibos Ltd.

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Shanghai restaurant wins customers with "Rooibos hot pot soup"

Hot pot is a traditional cooking method in China. One vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai is attracting customers with its hot pot soup made with organic Rooibos, dates, mushrooms, Chinese wolfberries, tomato and sweet potato.

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Rooibos could mitigate the effects of heavy drinking

The UK's Dry January is about swopping alcohol for healthier beverages, such as tea, for a month. Some people, however, believe that Rooibos could help to lessen the effects of heavy drinking. Says SA Rooibos Council director Ernest du Toit: "Heavy drinking can increase your risk of liver disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease. On the other end of the scale, a cup of Rooibos fights inflammation and protects us from chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease."

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How Rooibos will help to keep your child healthy and alert

According to nutritional experts, sugary drinks are loaded with empty calories and provide little or no essential nutrients. Rooibos, on the other hand, is affordable, tasty and beneficial for children. Rooibos will also keep your child's mind sharp since it shields the brain from stress. Includes recipes for iced tea and iced lollies.

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The benefits of Rooibos – it can be both relaxing and energising

The Italian Come Mi Svesto Questa Sera website published an article on the health benefits of Rooibos, mentioning its caffeine-free, kilojoule-free and mineral-rich properties. Enjoyed in the evening, it can serve as a relaxing drink. Enjoyed in the morning, it can give you energy.

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How Rooibos can undo some of the damage caused by the sun

Professor Wentzel Gelderblom, based at CPUT's Institute of Biomedical and Microbial Biotechnology, says once the skin has been exposed to the sun's UV rays, Rooibos extracts have the ability to remove precancerous damaged cells and block the onset of inflammation. He says the abundance of antioxidants in Rooibos gives it its restorative power.

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Rooibos is the "sweet, crowd-pleasing tea you've been looking for"

Gabrielle Jammal, a tea sommelier for the Baccarat Hotel in New York, says Rooibos is one of the most 'accessible and delicious' teas available. "It's got notes of honey and vanilla, it's a little bit herbal, you can have it super light or super strong, and it's got this beautiful color." She also says Rooibos is becoming a go-to option for people who are looking to reduce their caffeine consumption. Read article in New York based Food & Wine magazine.

USA distillery produces Tea Gin made with Rooibos and botanicals

The Dented Brick Distillery in Salt Lake City, Utah, produced a Tea Gin made with organic juniper, orange and lemon peel and Rooibos, "giving a deep flavour profile like no other".

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Vosges Chocolate Bar made with Vanilla Rooibos Tea

Vosges Haut-Chocolat's imaginative chocolate creations from Chicago in the USA are made with South African vanilla Rooibos and tart Montmorency cherries.

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RitualiTea's powder face mask created with Rooibos and rose

The Comforting Powder Face Mask of Origins RitualiTea™ Feeling Rosy™ is formulated with antioxidant-rich Rooibos and rose to leave the skin "to feel rejuvenated, soft and smooth".

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New Rooibos aperitif's journey from a geyser to spirit gravitas

Larry Berger, a plumber by trade, started off by distilling his Spirit of Rooibos at home in a steel water geyser. Today, this aperitif has won various awards, including the IQ Business Trophy for the most innovative spirits.

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Nuïlong® Rooibos voted one of the best organic products in 2017

Nuïlong® Rooibos with hops, hawthorn and orange blossom is new on the market in France. The anti-stress properties of Rooibos makes this infusion with its soft, spicy taste ideal for a good night's sleep.

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New El Bierzo jam made with pears, Rooibos and mint

From the El Bierzo region in Spain comes a new jam made with pears, Rooibos and mint. This combination of fruit and infusions makes for a jam that has both sweet and sharp flavours.

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Cape Town Rooibos Red Gin

The Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company infused its Cape Town Rooibos Red Gin with organic, handpicked Rooibos to give it "a medicinal but earthy flavour".

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Mandela Tea

The Mandela Tea brand comes in various flavours, including Organic Rooibos Tea and Organic Honeybush & Rooibos Tea. The teas are "rich in antioxidants that help to maintain a healthy immune system and an active mind". A portion of Mandela Tea's profits are donated to benefit the Mandela Day School Library Project.

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Role Tea balances function with flavour for health-conscious consumers

Role Tea in the USA has launched three ready-to-drink teas – one of which is its new Rooibos with cinnamon and apple juice. Role Tea wants to "master the art of blending fruit teas with functional ingredients such as turmeric, ginger and cinnamon".

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