Two Clanwilliam Chamber of Commerce awards for Rooibos Ltd's Gerda de Wet

Clanwilliam's Chamber of Commerce recently honoured Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager of Rooibos Ltd, in two ways – firstly by awarding the 2016 Chamber of Commerce Cup to the Freshpak Fitness Festival event, with Gerda as main organiser, and secondly by honouring her with a special award for exceptional service to Clanwilliam and its community.

Each year, Clanwilliam's Chamber of Commerce Cup goes to a project, event or person that made a concerted effort to market Clanwilliam throughout the year and to create increased awareness of this region and its people. In 2016, this award went to the Freshpak Fitness Festival. Riaan van Zyl of Clanwilliam's Chamber of Commerce said the biggest challenge of any event is sustainability. "Maybe it is not so difficult to start something, but to do this is a sustainable way is not easy. This year saw the 30th annual Freshpak Fitness Festival. A total of 1 200 athletes competed on the day, thanks to the involvement of various role players and communities." Gerda de Wet and Francois Coetzee were the main organisers of the Freshpak Fitness Festival event.

Gerda also received the Clanwilliam Chamber of Commerce's Award for Exceptional Service to the people of Clanwilliam. Said Ilse Lochner: "This award goes to Gerda for her willingness to serve Clanwilliam. She is always professional, organised and enthusiastic. She is committed to serving Clanwilliam in various capacities over and above her role at Rooibos Ltd. She is involved with the Freshpak Fitness Festival and Cederberg Rooibos Arts Festival. She serves on the committees of Clanwilliam's Chamber of Commerce and the Tourism Office. She is also chairperson of the Finbond Art Centre for the Youth. She is a proud and loyal inhabitant of Clanwilliam – always ready to act in its best interest."

Gerda said that she was honoured by acknowledgement. "These awards actually belong to all of the people who have Clanwilliam's best interest at heart. This is a team effort. Our challenge is to continue to find new ways to position this region as an asset to South Africa – to the benefit of everyone involved."