Rooibos could mitigate the effects of heavy drinking

The UK's Dry January is about swopping alcohol for healthier beverages, such as tea, for an entire month. Some people, however, believe that Rooibos could help to lessen the effects of heavy drinking. Says Ernest du Toit, director of SA Rooibos Council: "According to scientific research, heavy drinking can increase your risk of serious health problems like liver disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and peptic ulcers, among others. On the other end of the scale, knocking back a cup of Rooibos tea fights inflammation and protects us from chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease."

Watch the video where SA Rooibos Council director Ernest du Toit explains the benefits of drinking Rooibos.

Various newspapers, websites and magazines also picked up on this article by the SA Rooibos Council: