Colette Cronjé: Rooibos culture meets green tea culture
In June this year, Colette Cronjé, Rooibos Ltd’s Quality Assurance Manager, had the privilege to spend a week in Japan. The main purpose of her visit was to learn about green tea and to spend some time with Rooibos Ltd's clients.

Said Colette: “The sheer size of Tokyo and the way in which everything is organised are mind-blowing. I was probably most impressed with how the people I have had contact with pay attention to the smallest detail of their work and how they are determined to do everything right. Our common interest in Rooibos provided material for valuable conversations and the exchange of ideas. We can learn so much from other peoples' experiences with Rooibos and the way they use our unique product. A lot of energy is also put into the marketing of Rooibos, and I was impressed with the advertising Itoen has done for Rooibos in Japan." 

During her visit, Colette gained a lot of knowledge on green tea processing and was fortunate to taste some of the best quality green tea matcha available. Highlights of her visit included a private green tea matcha ceremony with a master and a green tea inspired lunch in Shizuoka. “I also discovered that green tea ice cream is probably one of the most fun ways to enjoy the product. It is amazing how one product can be applied and enjoyed in so many versatile ways,” commented Colette.

“No report about a visit to Japan would be complete without special reference to the culinary delights in traditional Japanese cooking. I am not able to single out a specific dish as I have eaten amazing seafood, vegetables, salads, pickles, chicken sashimi (!) and beef. Again, the attention to detail in the preparation and presentation was wonderful and with my interest in the science of tastes, I was in heaven with every meal.  I was most surprised when I was served a glass of cold Rooibos with my meal when we stopped for ramen at the ramen restaurant Ippudo – another confirmation that Rooibos can fit effortlessly with different cultures and culinary applications.”