Sharing research results on Rooibos

Last month, a number of contracted researchers shared the results of research conducted between 2014 and 2015 with the Rooibos Research Association at a meeting at Zeekoeivlei. The researchers included:
• Colette Cronjé - the challenges of Rooibos and Pyrrolizidine alkaloids
• Dr Justin Hatting - the biological, organic and chemical control of insects on Rooibos
• Dr Sandra Lamprecht - growing organic Rooibos seedlings
• Naudé Smith - soil health versus optimal fertilisation
• Dirk Bester - research on crop rotation and the use of chemicals to control weeds in Rooibos plantations
The chairperson of the Rooibos Research Association is Willie Nel.

CAPTION: Researchers on a field trip at the Rooibos farm Zeekoeivlei.
CAPTION: Willie Nel, Dirk Bester, Dr. Justin Hatting, Dr. Sandra Lamprecht, Colette Cronjé and Naudé Smith CAPTION: Dirk Bester explains the use of crop rotation to Rooibos producers