Rooibos is good for you. This is the message conveyed by international research findings, global trade fairs and magazine features - helping people all over the world to become more aware of the proven health benefits of Rooibos. Various articles in this newsletter unpack the benefits of nutrient-rich Rooibos. We also invite you to try out yummy recipes with Rooibos as health-enhancing ingredient: malva pudding, macarons, custard cream, cupcakes and more. Stay strong with a mug of Rooibos!

Why South African men should ditch an evening drink for a cuppa Rooibos

June was National Men's Health Month, urging men to become more mindful of what they eat and drink. Ernest du Toit, spokesman for the Rooibos Council, said the risks associated with excessive intake of alcohol and carbonated drinks can be reduced by drinking healthier alternatives such as Rooibos. "Real men need more tea," he says. Read more.

Showcasing Rooibos at Biofach China

In May this year, WIKO Trading, one of Rooibos Ltd's clients, hosted a stand at Biofach China, the most influential organic trade fair in China. Says WIKO Trading's Joe Cheung: "This promotion helps more and more people to understand the benefits of Rooibos." Read more and see photographs.

Spreading the Rooibos message in Travel Ideas magazine

"Come and enjoy a tasty cup of Rooibos with us!" So says the Rooibos Ltd advertisement in Travel Ideas magazine (p. 90), inviting visitors from all over to come and watch a video on Rooibos and buy Rooibos products at the company's head office in Clanwilliam. See advertisement here.

Replace sugary fizzy drinks with Rooibos iced tea to control your child's weight

Sugar-laden fizzy drinks are a major cause of weight gain among South African children. These drinks can easily be replaced with nutrient-rich, low-kilojoule Rooibos iced teas and iced lollies. What's more, Rooibos is "affordable, tasty and amazingly beneficial for children".

Read more and see recipes.

Rooibos is one of the 35 healthy foods for a busy lifestyle

If you have a hectic schedule, stocking up on these 35 foods - which include Rooibos - will help you to eat healthily. Rooibos contains aspalathin which "can reduce stress hormones that trigger hunger and fat storage". Rooibos can also decrease your risk of type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease.

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Seven ways you can benefit from Rooibos

This article outlines the health benefits of Rooibos for men, in particular the ability of Rooibos to help keep high blood pressure in check, improve heart health, enhance male fertility, lower the risk of cancer, and build and repair muscle tissue.

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Enhancing your health with Rooibos

The Sao Paolo based website Bolsa de Mulher featured an article on six types of tea offering specific health benefits. This includes South African Rooibos which helps to combat stress, boosts the immune system and supports healthy skin.

Read the article in Portuguese.

Recipes with Rooibos to try out this winter

From malva pudding, cupcakes, macarons and custard creams to iced teas and smoothies - just about every recipe can be enhanced with a touch of Rooibos. We invite you to try out these recipes.

Rooibos significantly reduces the risk of heart disease

A clinical trial was conducted in which 40 adults drank six cups of Rooibos a day for six weeks, allowing researchers to trace the protective effect of Rooibos by looking at two blood markers that indicate oxidative damage leading to the hardening of arteries. The results show that Rooibos positively decreases the risk of heart disease.

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Rooibos antioxidant potency in humans

A collaborative study by scientists at four international research facilities has found the first clinical evidence that drinking Rooibos significantly increases the antioxidant capacity in human blood to boost the body's natural defences. This research was conducted by three institutions in Rome in Italy and by the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

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How Rooibos helps with weight loss

The Irish celebrity and fashion news website featured an article on the ability of herbal teas - including Rooibos - to help people lose weight. It says: "A flavonoid in Rooibos called aspalathin helps to reduce hormones that can lead to overeating."

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Rooibos can help you to eliminate stress

This article, which appeared on the Estilo de Vida website in Argentina, identified ten foods that help to eliminate stress. This includes South African Rooibos, which helps to reduce anxiety and balance the body.

Read article in Spanish.

Drink Rooibos to rehydrate during winter

South African Women's Health magazine published an article about the signs of dehydration, saying that it is easy to forget about water in winter. Dehydration signs include headaches, fatigue and reduced alertness. If you are not keen on drinking water, try antioxidant-rich Rooibos.

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