Glen Rooibos becomes official tea supplier for Cuppa for CANSA events

Unilever's Glen Rooibos Tea has become the official tea supplier for the Cancer Association of South Africa's Cuppa for CANSA events. Says CANSA CEO Elize Joubert: "We know the risk of between 30% and 40% of cancers may be reduced through lifestyle factors including diet and exercise. CANSA officially recognises Rooibos as a source that may reduce risk. We are fortunate that Rooibos is indigenous to South Africa, making it affordable and easily accessible."

Maria Scholtz, head of sustainability at CANSA, says: "CANSA is proud to welcome Glen Rooibos Tea as the official tea supplier for the Cuppa for CANSA events." The organisation's Cuppa for CANSA events raise money for, among others, care homes for cancer patients undergoing treatment at oncology clinics far from their homes.

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