Rooibos Rockland Rangers receives a climbing wall thanks to Rooibos Ltd

Rooibos Ltd financed the materials for the building of a climbing wall for the Rooibos Rockland Rangers climbing club based at the Elizabethfontein Primary School near Clanwilliam. Teacher Unio Joubert, an experienced climber, took over as coach. Under his leadership, the school has established a competitive climbing team, registered with Western Cape Climbing and the South African National Climbing Federation. In February 2017, the Rangers took gold in Girls U-13 Beginners Top-Rope Climbing and bronze in Boys U-13 Beginners Top-Rope Climbing. This was at the WCC Youth Top Rope and Lead Climbing competition. The day of the competition was the first time any of the climbing team members had seen the inside of a climbing gym. They had only ever climbed outside on the boulders and cliffs in Rocklands. On 4 March 2017, the club took part in the WCC Youth Provincial Bouldering Competition. The training wall sports the Rooibos Ltd logo.