Rooibos recipes for drinks, a pork dish and a salmon dish

Versatile Rooibos is used in recipes worldwide. Try out these recipes using Rooibos as an ingredient that adds flavour, colour and nutrients:

  • Hello Joburg website: Rose gin latte - a cocktail made with Rooibos, milk, cream, Musgrave pink gin and orange bitters, and served in tea cups
  • Northern KwaZulu-Natal edition of Get It Online: Rooibos and Fynbos Honey G&Ts - the video shows how to make this cocktail with Rooibos, gin, honey and naartjie segments
  • Fastmoving's website: Pork loin with olive and gin sauce - pork loin with a marinade and sauce made from gin, Rooibos-infused honey, olives and other ingredients
  • Yummly's website: Salmon with Rooibos & sautéed vegetables - salmon seasoned with salt, pepper and Rooibos tea leaves, and served on a bed of vegetables