Rooibos Ltd confirms quality with additional logo

New logo stands for quality and sustainability
In the global marketplace, the demand for sustainable goods and services are on the rise. The new Rooibos Quality Guaranteed logo reflects a pedigree of quality, integrity, innovation and collaboration spanning half a century. In essence, the logo means that consumers can trace the product back to the farm from which that particular batch of Rooibos came from.

Rooibos Limited, as a leading producer and manufacturer of Rooibos, meets international environmental and social standards that are certified and verified by various independent organisations. These certifications, which serve as a benchmark for organic processing, sustainability and ethical practices, include HACCP (food quality and food safety), a selection of four organic certifications [EU (Reg.(EC)834/07, NOP (USA's National Organic Program), JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard for organic certification) and Korean], Fairtrade, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, Kosher and Halaal, and the Heart Mark.

Together, the certifications serve as a hallmark of quality for consumers around the world.

Rooibos Limited provides farmers with support and guidelines – including training, technical assistance, product development and laboratory services – to ensure that the company remains the producer of the world’s best Rooibos.

Use of Quality Guaranteed logo is strictly controlled
No one is permitted to use the Rooibos Ltd Quality Guaranteed logo on any material without prior review and approval from Rooibos Limited. The names of companies and brands that have been approved to use the Rooibos Ltd Quality Guaranteed logo will be published on the Rooibos Limited website, allowing consumers to verify the authorised use of this quality stamp.

In short, the new Rooibos Ltd Quality Guaranteed logo on packaging serves as a quality stamp for conscientious consumers. For Rooibos Limited, it is another way to add value to customer relations and to ensure that the company remains the preferred choice of clients around the world.