Rooibos Ltd hosts information sessions for Rooibos farmers

Challenges faced by Rooibos producers

Rooibos Ltd hosted a series of six information sessions for Rooibos producers to talk about industry challenges, sustainability issues and other challenges impacting Rooibos stakeholder groups.

Johan Brand, Technical Manager at Rooibos Ltd, discussed the following:

  • Undertaking research on Rooibos production
  • Collaborating with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) to register crop protection products specifically formulated for Rooibos
  • Conducting stringent and EU-compliant MRL tests
  • Sharing information on registered crop protection agents with producers
  • Collaborating with DAFF and the Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB) to ensure a sustainable export market.

Johann Basson, Training Coordinator at Rooibos Ltd, said the company will in future arrange training sessions for producers on, among others, certification, market requirements and training for employees.

Naudé Smith, Master’s student at Stellenbosch University and researcher on a project funded by the Rooibos Council on Soil Health, explained the impact of soil health on the commercial production of Rooibos to farmers.

Callie Smith, Director: Producers at Rooibos Ltd, unpacked the demand and supply of Rooibos, production areas, crop estimates and production averages over the past five years.