Taiwan market introduced to Rooibos at two events

Rooibos Ltd’s public relations company in Taiwan used Africa Day and the Taiwan Nutrition Society’s Exhibition to create awareness of the benefits of South African Rooibos:

  • Africa Day (25 – 26 May 2013, Taipei, Taiwan): The African Liaison Office in Taiwan has set up an African Carnival to celebrate Africa Day. One of the products exhibited at this event was Rooibos. Visitors were invited to taste Rooibos and take home brochures with more information.
  • Taiwan Nutrition Society’s 39th Annual Meeting and Exhibition (25 May 2013, Taichung, Taiwan): The main topic of this meeting was Obesity and Cancer. Rooibos Ltd’s public relations company, together with Wild Cape, presented research findings on the health aspects of Rooibos.