Spreading the word about Rooibos – this is one of the strategic aims of Rooibos Ltd. We do this in various ways. We support tastings at industry shows (like the recent Tuttofood in Milan) and we host visitors from abroad (like the group of agricultural students from the University of Osnabrück). The use of Rooibos as ingredient in new products is another indication of its uptake. Also, articles on the health benefits of Rooibos indicate growing interest. Such articles recently appeared in the media in as far afield as Croatia, Romania and India. Enjoy this read with a huge pot of hot Rooibos.

Rooibos Ltd supports tasting event at Tuttofood, Italy

South Africa's Consulate-General in Italy recently organised a Rooibos tasting at Tuttofood – an international food and beverage show in Milan. This was hosted in collaboration with the Protea Academy, a local NGO promoting tea culture. Rooibos Ltd sponsored the Rooibos for the tasting event and supplied information brochures in Italian.

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Rooibos Ltd sponsors various sports teams and athletes

Rugby players, netball teams, a mountain bike rider and a marathon athlete recently benefitted from Rooibos Ltd's sponsorships. Says Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd: 'A healthy lifestyle and Rooibos go hand in hand. Supporting local athletes helps us to create awareness about Rooibos while making a positive contribution to the community.'

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Visitors from Germany, USA and Taiwan get to experience Rooibos first-hand

Rooibos Ltd was visited by various clients and groups eager to learn more about this indigenous South African product. Recent visitors included students from the University of Osnabrück in Germany, clients from Hot Cheers in Taiwan, and representatives from Freshpak in South Africa and DMH Ingredients in the USA.

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BOS offers 'happy and healthy' Rooibos ice teas in the Netherlands

Rooibos-based BOS ice teas from South Africa are becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. Over the past few years, the global market for iced teas has grown with over 50%. In Europe, BOS has become the fastest growing iced tea brand because 'people do not have to compromise to make a healthy choice'.

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How Rooibos helps to fight allergies

The Croatian news website N1 has published an article on how to fight allergies during 'allergy season'. It says unpleasant symptoms can be alleviated naturally by using, among others, Rooibos, ginger and yerba mate. The bioflavonoid quercetin in caffeine-free Rooibos acts as an anti-histamine to fight allergic reactions.

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The 'amazing' health benefits of Rooibos

An article on the Romanian home and health website Acasa explains the health benefits of nutrient-rich Rooibos. Among others, it can help to fight cancer, stimulate the immune system and eliminate toxins from the body.

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Rooibos will keep your child healthy and alert

This article on the Farming Portal website talks about the new SANHANES Survey which says the poor state of children's school lunches, which often include sugary drinks, is worrying. As alternative, nutritionists recommend water or herbal teas, with Rooibos topping the list. Rooibos will also keep your child's mind sharp since it shields the brain from stress.

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Five reasons why Rooibos is good for you

This article in SARIE magazine says you should drink Rooibos because it protects against cancer, promotes heart health, reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol, repairs damaged liver cells, and fights allergies and inflammation.

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Tasty Rooibos comes with a host of health benefits

India's NewsDog website ran an article on Rooibos with its 'great taste and unique colour'. Among others, Rooibos can help to alleviate headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema, hypertension, allergies and premature ageing.

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Why Rooibos is much more than a cuppa

This article, which appeared in various Southern Cape community newspapers, says South Africans tend to think of Rooibos as 'only as a hot cup of tea'. However, Rooibos can also be turned into iced teas and even cocktails. Also, cold Rooibos can be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks.

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Try these two Rooibos drinks – one hot, one cold

Rooibos is versatile and is used in recipes worldwide. Try this immune-boosting hot Rooibos drink or Rooibos and grapefruit iced tea.

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Scandinavian NuTE combines Rooibos with peppermint and black currant

In Scandinavia, NuTe offers new teas that combine ingredients such as Rooibos, peppermint and black currant to offer an antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory drink.

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Goldfaden facial treatment formulated with Rooibos

Goldfaden Skincare in Florida, USA, has developed a skin treatment called Goldfaden M.D. Wake Up Call Overnight Facial Treatment which is applied before putting on moisturiser. The facial treatment is formulated with Vitamin E, retinol, avocado oil, Rooibos extract and grapeseed oil.

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Thirsty Dudes reviews Teavana's iced tea made with Rooibos

Thirsty Dudes gave a high rating to Teavana's new craft iced tea called Pineapple Berry Blue. This iced tea combines Rooibos with hibiscus, pineapple and berries.

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EGA – the Rooibos-based drink that helps to reverse the effects of ageing

EGA, which is AGE spelt backwards, is an alcohol-free Fairtrade-certified drink from the Western Cape. Which contains only natural ingredients that are rich in antioxidants – such as Rooibos, pomegranates and green grapes.

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Simpson & Vail launches five new iced tea blends

One of Simpson & Vail's new iced teas is Dragonfruit Fusion made from organic Rooibos, organic fruits and natural flavours. Each tea bag makes 3,5 litres of delicious iced tea. Simpson & Vail is one of the oldest tea companies in the USA.

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Tisane Teas launches first organic alkaline ready-to-drink teas

The shift among health-conscious consumers towards alkaline food and beverages has created a demand for new products such as Tisane Teas' Alkaline Teas, recently launched in California. These Rooibos-based teas come in two flavours: Vanilla Chai and Hibiscus Berry. They have an alkaline pH rating of 8.0.

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One Drinks introduces a range of 'adventurous' botanical infusions

Ethical UK beverage brand One Drinks has launched a range of 'adventurous' botanical drinks made with spring water. The organic Origins line-up draws on botanicals such as hibiscus, moringa and Rooibos – as well as the unique health properties that they bring with them. Flavours include Rooibos, grapefruit and ginger.

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Wicked Lekker's white peach-flavoured Rooibos tea now available

Based in Massachusetts, USA, Wicked Lekker's latest Rooibos-based iced tea is flavoured with white peach and sweetened with organic cane sugar. This readyto- drink bottled tea offers a 'love fest' of flavours.

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