Rooibos Ltd hosts visitors from Germany, USA, Taiwan and South Africa

Rooibos Ltd was visited by various clients and groups eager to learn more about this indigenous product. Recent visitors included the following:

University of Osnabrück

A tour group of agribusiness students from the University of Osnabrück in Germany visited Rooibos Ltd.

Their visit formed part of an international agricultural tour which takes place every two years and includes iconic agri-industries from the countries visited.

Their aim was to learn more about agricultural practices from around the globe. Rooibos was a natural choice as a uniquely South African product.

Hot Cheers

Representatives from Rooibos Ltd's client Hot Cheers in Taiwan made the trip out to Rooibos country to learn more about this unique plant, its production and its processing.

They spent the day witnessing harvesting, fermentation, drying and processing and left the Rooibos Ltd factory armed with new insight into the product they sell.


Brand managers for Freshpak Rooibos visited Rooibos Ltd during the harvesting season to learn more about the product, its history and its branding, and to experience the harvest first-hand.

DMH Ingredients

David Damlich from Rooibos Ltd's USA agents, DMH Ingredients, brought Stuart Wing to experience the harvesting and processing of Rooibos first-hand. Stuart, being a new addition to the team and on his first visit to Rooibos country, of course had to try his hand at harvesting.