Big news for Rooibos is the inclusion of two Rooibos Lattes at 950 Starbucks stores in the UK. Recently, the benefits of Rooibos were highlighted in the media in Germany, Japan, Korea and Romania – confirming that Rooibos is gaining worldwide traction. Locally, Rooibos Ltd sponsored various sports teams, strengthening the link between the health benefits of Rooibos and a healthy lifestyle. Also see tips on how Rooibos can alleviate pet allergies. To treat yourself, try out these Portuguese milk tarts with Rooibos-infused custard. Stay warm and healthy with Rooibos this winter.


Starbucks in the UK introduces two new Rooibos Lattes

Rooibos earned another global stripe in May this year when the world's biggest coffee shop chain, Starbucks, introduced two Rooibos Lattes as part of its spring menu in the UK. Adele du Toit, spokesperson for the SA Rooibos Council, says Rooibos speaks to the growing demand for health-promoting beverages worldwide.

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Green Rooibos is perfect for iced tea

Various German websites published a news snippet on the use of Green Rooibos in iced tea, explaining that Green Rooibos, with its light lemon flavour, makes an ideal base for iced tea in summer. The German Tea Association said that Green Rooibos, like Red Rooibos, does not contain any caffeine, which means it can also be enjoyed in the evening.

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Rooibos Ltd acknowledges seven long-service staff members

Seven staff members from various divisions at Rooibos Ltd received five-year service awards. Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd, said their dedication "helps to turn the company into a place to belong".

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Rooibos Ltd supports Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium's tennis teams

Rooibos Ltd sponsored branded clothing for the tennis teams of Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium in Clanwilliam.

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Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium's netball team sponsored by Rooibos Ltd

The first netball team of Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium in Clanwilliam is now playing in dresses and tracksuits sponsored by Rooibos Ltd.

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Team Rooibos takes on the Absa Cape Epic

Rooibos Ltd, together with Laager Rooibos, sponsored a team to take part in the Absa Cape Epic – the biggest full-service mountain bike stage race in the world. Called Team Rooibos, Charl Fouché and Jaco Brand finished this gruelling race over eight days.

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Rooibos Ltd sponsors marathon runner Jacques Basson

Rooibos Ltd sponsored one of its employees, Jacques Basson, a keen marathon runner, to take part in various marathons.

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Ashihara Karate group gets help from Rooibos Ltd

When the local Ashihara Karate group needed financial assistance with transport to take part in a tournament in Cape Town, Rooibos Ltd supported them. The tournament was in aid of the Blind Buddy Program of the League of Friends of the Blind. At the tournament there were competitors from the Eastern Cape, Swaziland and Zimbabwe amongst other.

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The role of "Red Tea" in a healthy lifestyle

This article on the Romanian PR Log website explains the role of Rooibos with its rare antioxidants in weight loss and detoxing. Among others, Rooibos helps to regulate blood sugar, reduce excess fat production, reduce the effects of stress and inhibit metabolic disorders.

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Make Portuguese milk tarts with Rooibos

Make Portuguese milk tarts with Rooibos-infused custard and serve them with green figs, fynbos honey and grated fudge – yum!

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The growing popularity of Rooibos in Japan

The "calming effect" of Rooibos is praised on the Japanese Hot Pepper Beauty website. Rooibos can also be found at speciality tea shops like Lupicia Tea Shop & Salon, which mentions that Rooibos is caffeine-free, which makes it ideal for children and also as a bed-time drink.

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Huyn's Honeybush can help to restore skin health

An article published on the Korean website Money Today explains the benefits of skincare products formulated with mineral-rich Honeybush extract to aid the skin's elasticity. Fermented Honeybush extract can also be used as a functional food by adding the powder to yogurt or fruit juice.

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Klawer Wine Cellar introduces its 2017 Rooibos-infused Vermouth

Infused with Rooibos and buchu, Klawer Wine Cellar's African Ruby Vermouth can be enjoyed on its own, as a nightcap after dinner or as a sunset cocktail. This dessert wine was awarded a silver medal at the 2017 Michelangelo Awards. Says winemaker Cerina van Niekerk, "You will feel the Matzikama sunset on the tip of your tongue". Klawer Wine Cellar forms part of the Rooibos Route.

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Try Rooibos-infused Spirit of Rooibos

This award-winning spirit aperitif flavoured with Rooibos extract has a unique herbal character, with "traces of caramel, hints of spice and a lingering wooded undertone". It can be enjoyed neat or as a cocktail ingredient. It also makes a delicious Dom Pedro. Mixed with condensed milk, it makes a smooth cream liqueur.

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Five tried and tested Rooibos remedies for your pet

Rooibos with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties is recommended for pets suffering from allergies, irritated paws, itchy skin, appetite problems and hair loss. Find out how to apply Rooibos to your pet's skin. Or simply add Rooibos to your pet's drinking water.

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