In this newsletter: Watch a short video in which Rooibos Ltd MD Martin Bergh explains the impact of the drought on Rooibos production. Also see photographs of local sports teams and a talented young artist sponsored by Rooibos Ltd. Read about the innovative and sustainably produced products of our clients, and about our stand at FHA 2016 in Singapore, one of the world's largest food shows. New products with Rooibos as an ingredient include skin care creams, craft beer and iced teas. Enjoy your read with a mug of really good Rooibos.

SA drought threatens Rooibos production

The current drought in South Africa is threatening the production of Rooibos. Says Rooibos Ltd Managing Director Martin Bergh, "Unlike maize, which has import substitutions, Rooibos has no substitution. Financially, the volume has gone down but the price has gone up. But that is not what we want. But we want to develop Rooibos as an international drink. We want to grow Rooibos, which has now taken a knock because we cannot supply enough." This could have a significant impact on downstream players in the industry.

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Rooibos Ltd advertises in The Travel Mag

Rooibos Ltd is running a double-page spread advertisement in the Travel Mag, a global travel portal. This advertisement tells the story of Rooibos in text and photographs.

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Rooibos Ltd sponsored banners and other items for the Delicious Rugby Club

Clanwilliam's Delicious Rugby Club received branded post covers, corner flags and banners from Rooibos Ltd. In April this year, the Club hosted an event at Clanwilliam Lodge to thank all its sponsors, including Rooibos Ltd.

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Rooibos Ltd sponsors sports clothing for Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium

Recently, Rooibos Ltd sponsored rugby jerseys for Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium's under 19A team, and dresses and track suits for the Top 10 netball team. The company also sponsored jackets for the under 13 rugby and netball teams. This forms part of Rooibos Ltd's community engagement programme.

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Clanwilliam's Crushers Golf Team sponsored by Rooibos Ltd

Rooibos Ltd sponsored the four-player Crushers Golf Team who played in an American Scramble golf competition.

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Finbond Art Centre hosts exhibition with Rooibos Ltd as sponsor

In May this year, the Finbond Art Centre in Clanwilliam hosted an exhibition by 15-year-old Imanuel Koopman. Says Gerda de Wet, Rooibos Ltd's Communication Manager and chairperson of this art centre: "Rooibos Ltd supports talented young artists and helps to introduce them to a wider audience as they are the future of our communities."

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Axxent Masters in Tea helps to open child care centre in Sri Lanka

One of Rooibos Ltd's clients, the Dutch-based Axxent Masters in Tea, develops original tea concepts and believes in fostering close business relationships with its customers. In March this year, the Fair-grounds Foundation opened a new child care centre at the Vellaioya Estate in Sri Lanka with funds generated through the sales of Sunleaf® tea from Axxent Masters in Tea.

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Pickwick in the Netherlands launches Fairtrade Rooibos

Rooibos Ltd's client Pickwick in the Netherlands has introduced a range of six sustainably produced Fairtrade teas, which include Rooibos. These teas will carry the Max Havelaar Fairtrade logo.

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Tea of Life expands its product range

Tea of Life, which forms part of the Dutch-based company Axxent Masters in Tea, has introduced an assortment of single-serve Fairtrade teas. This includes sustainably produced South African Rooibos. Tea of Life sources its Rooibos through Rooibos Ltd.

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Rooibos Ltd exhibits at FHA 2016

From 12 to 15 April this year, Rooibos Ltd hosted a stand at one of the world's largest food shows - the Food & Hotel Asia 2016 exhibition in Singapore - to increase awareness of Rooibos and to liaise with existing and potential clients. Rooibos Ltd was represented by Arend Redelinghuys, Marketing Director, and Tharanga Cooray, Sales Manager: Sri Lanka. They were assisted by the team of Nature 2000, one of Rooibos Ltd's clients.

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Experience the Rooibos Route in and around Clanwilliam

This article, which was posted on the blog, explains the health benefits of Rooibos and invites readers to go on the three-day Rooibos Route. This tour includes a visit to a Rooibos farm, museum visits, a spa treatment with Rooibos massage oils at Bushman's Kloof, a tea tasting at the Rooibos Teahouse and overnight accommodation with Rooibos-inspired meals at Saint du Barrys Guest House.

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UTZ puts sustainably farmed products - including Rooibos - on local shelves

UTZ certification is about endorsing sustainably produced tea, coffee and cocoa products around the world. In 2009, Rooibos was included. Today, the Rooibos producers on the UTZ Rooibos programme say that UTZ certification gives them greater access to international markets and greater stability in securing demand.

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Facts about Rooibos

This article, featured on the Africa Geographic website, explains the health benefits and production of Rooibos. Enjoyed in over 37 countries around the world, Rooibos "contributes greatly to the welfare and cultural heritage of local communities of the Western Cape".

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BOS launches sugar-free iced tea flavours

South African iced tea company BOS Brands has added sugar-free peach and lemon flavours to its range of iced teas. The sugar-free variants are also colourant and preservative free, made with the brand's organically grown Rooibos, farmed at a private nature reserve in the Cederberg.

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Republic of Tea launches exclusive tea collection

California-based tea purveyors The Republic of Tea is launching a tea collection that will be exclusively sold at 365 by Whole Foods Market. The collection comprises two seasonal holiday tea blends, two ice tea blends, one matcha blend and 13 hot tea blends which includes Organic Elderberry Rooibos Tea.

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USA's Crane Brewing produces Rooibos beer

Crane Brewing, based in Raytown, Missouri, USA, says its Tea Weiss beer is a "distinctly American take on an old-world German ale" as it combines "Kansas City's own Hugo Berry Rooibos Tea with a spritzy, sour wheat beer to exceedingly refreshing effect".

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African Extracts formulates nourishing hand-cream with Rooibos

South Africa's Women Online lifestyle magazine has picked five hand-creams ideal for nurturing winter hands. This includes African Extracts' Rooibos Hand & Nail Cream, which is formulated with bio-active Rooibos extracts.

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Wella Care Resist formulated with Rooibos to strengthen hair

The Romanian women's lifestyle website featured Wella Care Resist, a hair care product formulated with antioxidant-rich Rooibos to strengthen hair.

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African Extracts explains its Rooibos Beauty Care range

The Rooibos Beauty Care range produced by African Extracts is formulated with "the finest quality ingredients", which includes Rooibos extracts. Strict good manufacturing practices guide the production of this range of personal care products.

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Why Rooibos is good for your skin

This article, featured in Good Housekeeping, says African Extracts' innovative Rooibos-infused skincare products contains high levels of antioxidants that work "to combat the effects of ageing, sun damage and other skin concerns, giving you even better skin protection and a natural, healthy glow".

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Wilderer Distillery produces a new Cape Fynbos Gin

The South African online food website featured the award-winning Wilderer Distillery's new Cape Fynbos Gin which captures the essence of the Cape Floral Kingdom. This gin is made from a bouquet of 27 botanicals, including Buchu and Honeybush, which, like Rooibos, is indigenous to South Africa. Read more.

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