Sanna Swarts bids Rooibos Ltd farewell after 40 years

Packaging operator Sanna Swarts has retired after more than four decades with Rooibos Ltd. She started working as a junior in the Packaging Plant of CTK in January 1972. In those days, there were no teabag machines – only loose-leaf tea. The main brands back then were Cedro and Clantee.

Over the years, she was trained as packaging operator cross-trained to operate a range of packing machines for packaged retail Rooibos products. She served under four managing directors during her time at Rooibos Ltd.

Sanna is married to Arrie and they have two sons, André and Sean, and two grandchildren.

Rooibos Ltd wishes to thank Sanna for her loyal contribution to the company over more than 40 years. We trust that she will still be active in the community. She will be remembered for her loyalty, friendliness and sense of duty.