Summer Rooibos and Fruit Tea
From Daily Dose of Fresh: Combine Rooibos with honey, fruit and a few mint leaves to make a drink that can be served as a refreshing ice tea or a soothing hot drink. See recipe.

Walnut Rooibos Tea Loaf
From the Chic Brûlée Blog: Make this tasty tea loaf with Rooibos, walnuts and orange zest. See recipe.

Rooibos Butternut ‘Pizzettas’
From Use roasted butternut slices as tiny pizzas. Brush them with Rooibos-infused butter and finish them with a mix of Rooibos and salt. See recipe.

Rooibos Chai
From Make this full-flavour Rooibos Chai drink with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and cloves. See recipe.