Business Bowls competition - with Rooibos Ltd on a roll

A total of 34 teams entered for the Clanwilliam Business Bowls competition which started on Monday, 1 February 2016. Approximately 120 players with reserves tried to aim for the perfect shot. After playing three evenings every week and rolling 6336 balls, the teams were ready for the finals. On Wednesday, 24 February, the 14 teams in the finals lined up to battle things out on the bowling green. The finals was followed by the prize giving event. Nobody counted the number of beers though, but a lot of fun was had by everyone. The competition was generously sponsored by local businesses, including Rooibos Ltd.

The following teams qualified for the finals:
1. Black Label team - Rooibos Ltd
2. Cedarberg Africa 2
3. Clanfresh Rolling Thunder
4. Clanfresh Vastrappers
5. FNB
6. Hollandse Bosch
7. Johan van Graan
8. Lumber City
9. Patrysvlei A
10. Razor Sharp
11. RMJ Boys - Rooibos Ltd
12. Sederberg Bande
13. Toyota
14. Van Zyl Trio