Rooibos Ltd hosts visitors from all over the world

Sharing information with visitors from all over the world and allowing them to gain first-hand experience of the processes involved in preparing Rooibos helps to spread the word about Rooibos and its benefits. "Each visitor going back with a positive message about Rooibos helps to strengthen the reputation of the Rooibos industry. This one-on-one liaison with current or potential clients provides us with an opportunity to get to know their businesses," says Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd.

Ukraine - T-Hub: The owner of T-Hub in the Ukraine, Yuriy Ryaboshapka and his wife Olena, visited Rooibos Ltd during February. They were taken on a tour of a Rooibos farm where they experienced the rigours of harvesting first hand. They also took a guided tour of the Rooibos Ltd factory to learn more about this unique product in order to market it in their home country.

Germany - Gebrüder Wollenhaupt GmbH: Jürgen Voigt and Mathias Koop from the company Gebrüder Wollenhaupt GmbH in Germany visited Rooibos Ltd during February to experience the harvesting and processing of Rooibos.

UK - BBC: Jason Boswell, journalist from the BBC, visited Rooibos Ltd for an interview with our MD, Martin Bergh, and a tour of our facilities and neighbouring farms. Jason is currently doing an insert on the influence of climate on unique agricultural crops.

South Africa - NNZ: Representatives of the packaging company NNZ were taken on a tour of Rooibos Ltd's facilities in order to determine whether improvements can be made in the specifications and supply of bulk Rooibos packaging.

Germany - Teekanne GmbH & Co. KG: Christian Bergmann, Purchasing and Logistics Director, and Christoph Strohmeyer, Quality Assurance Manager, from Teekanne GmbH & Co. KG in Germany visited various Rooibos farms with Rooibos Ltd's Technical Manager, Johan Brand, and Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager.