Rooibos Ltd exhibits at expos in Japan, USA and Singapore

The increased interest in Rooibos at Foodex 2013 underscores the positive growth of Rooibos in the Japanese market. Although Rooibos Ltd has been exporting Rooibos to Japan for 30 years, it has only started to gain traction in the mainstream in the beverage market over the past few years. Rooibos Marketing Limited Japan served over 3 500 cups of Rooibos yoghurt and about the same number of cups of red or green Rooibos during the show which was held from 5 to 8 March 2013. According to Clinton Gass, MD of Rooibos Marketing Limited Japan there was a significant interest in new Rooibos products such as Rooibos “matcha” (ground Rooibos) and its application in Rooibos yoghurt. A ready-to-drink, lightly roasted green Rooibos was appealing to many visitors who were not necessarily fans of the traditional, fermented Rooibos, suggesting that this product could help to increase the market share of Rooibos in Japan. The public also liked the Rooibos capsules for home-use espresso machines.