Aerial photography of Rooibos Ltd’s new solar panels
It is not often that we get to see the world in which we live and work from a bird’s perspective.

Rooibos Ltd has recently installed a 511 kWp solar system on the roofs of its storage facilities at the Clanwilliam factory. This installation allows the company to provide its customers with products that have a lowered carbon footprint. As part of the agri-food sector, Rooibos Ltd is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its supply chain. This state-of-the-art solar system is expected to generate 875 000 kWh per year and subsidise Rooibos Ltd’s total electricity usage by 43%. It will also reduce the CO2 emissions by more than 840 tons per annum.

To show the world this solar installation, Rooibos Ltd called on Big Bird, a Cape Town based company that specialises in remote control aerial videography and photography, to take some aerial footage. They sent a two-man team consisting of a pilot that controls the helicopter with the camera mounted to it and the photographer that controls the camera via remote. They have worked together in the film industry for over five years and take their job very seriously, which clearly shows in the quality of work they deliver.

Besides taking pictures of the solar panels they flew their “rig” over the seedling fields, drying yards and factory, and captured some beautiful footage of Clanwilliam.

Plans are afoot to produce a YouTube clip that will show some of these interesting sequences. In the meantime, here are some stills grabbed from the video footage: