Rooibos Ltd’s new representative in the USA
As from February this year, Rooibos Ltd is represented by DMH Ingredients, an importer and distributor of ingredients in the food and beverage industries in the USA. Rooibos Ltd’s former USA representative, Herbal Teas International, has been purchased by DMH Ingredients. Hugh Lamond, former owner of Herbal Teas International, will now join DMH Ingredients to ensure a smooth transition and to maintain continuity in the business relations between Rooibos Ltd and DMH Ingredients.

Says Lamond: “I feel very comfortable that DMH is the best possible company to take the business forward. I will continue to be actively involved in the business for the next three years, with an emphasis on helping make the transition as seamless as possible. This is all of particular importance to me because of the close relationships built up over the years with Rooibos Ltd.”

Established in 1991, DMH Ingredients is based in Libertyville just outside Chicago.