To read in this issue: Doing good, Rooibos Ltd sponsored Clanwilliam Neighbourhood Watch and a Youth Group of the URC with branded shirts. Rooibos Ltd also hosted tea company representatives, journalists and a television production team from the UK, Switzerland and Germany to help spread the Rooibos story. Innovative new products containing Rooibos include iced teas launched in the USA and Australia, and skincare products introduced in Australia. The Stellenbosch winery Audacia's new Honeybush-wooded Audacia Natural Red was widely covered in the media. Enjoy this read with a mug of hot, healthy Rooibos.

Rooibos Ltd supports local neighbourhood watch and youth group

Rooibos Ltd sponsored shirts for Clanwilliam's Neighbourhood Watch and for the Youth Group of the Uniting Reformed Church (VGK). Says Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd: "These shirts are tangible proof of Rooibos Ltd's social responsibility efforts."

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Visitors to Rooibos Ltd

Visitors from far and wide regularly visit Rooibos Ltd to gain first-hand information about this unique South African product. By reporting on their visits, they help to carry the Rooibos story into the world. Recent visitors include tea company representatives, journalists and a television production team from, among others, the UK, Switzerland and Germany.

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Advertisements produced by Rooibos Ltd clients

Two of Rooibos Ltd's clients produced video clips which feature Rooibos. Cape Town based company African Extracts produced a video clip to introduce its skincare range called Advantage. Watch it here, or go to #SkinLovesRooibos. Freshpak Rooibos made a video clip on how to make fruit-flavoured iced tea with Freshpak. Watch it here.

Why Rooibos is a superfood

The April 2016 edition of SARIE magazine says the unique South Africa plant Rooibos is a superfood that comes with a host of proven nutritional benefits. It contains a complex mix of polyphenols and antioxidants that among others help to strengthen the immune system, fight cancer and support diabetes.

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Five reasons why you should use Rooibos

This online article explains why you should use Rooibos: It protects against cancer, it is good for heart and organ health, it helps to combat the effects of stress, it helps to protect the liver, and it reduces allergies and inflammation.

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The Republic of Tea introduces iced tea made with coconut water and Rooibos

California-based tea purveyors The Republic of Tea has created refreshing iced teas made with coconut water. Its new Mango Coconut Water Iced Tea combines coconut water with caffeine-free green Rooibos and juicy mango.

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Fuze Tea hits the shelves in Australia

The Beverage Daily website reports that Coca-Cola has recently rolled out Fuze Tea in Australia. These iced teas are made from a variety of teas such as black tea, green tea and Rooibos.

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Bhakti debuts with new line of sparkling teas

Bhakti from Boulder in Colorado launched the first natural Sparkling Tea line available in the USA. This includes Tart Cherry Rooibos which features carbonated, caffeine-free Rooibos blended with organic tart cherry juice and fresh ginger.

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Sukin facial masque and tonic formulated with Rooibos

The Australian website Beautyheaven features two Sukin skin products which contain Rooibos, namely Sukin Oil Balancing Anti-Pollution Facial Masque and Sukin Oil Balancing Clarifying Facial Tonic. Sukin is a natural skincare brand in Australia.

USA's Bigelow launches new STEEP tea with dandelion, peach and Rooibos

American tea blenders Bigelow launched a new flavour of STEEP teabags called Dandelion & Peach. This refreshing combination includes dandelion, peach, organic Rooibos and organic green tea.

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SA winery launches world's first Honeybush-wooded wine

South African winery Audacia recently launched the world's first Honeybush-wooded wine called Audacia Natural Red. This low-kilojoule, low-alcohol wine is wooded with Honeybush chips.

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