Tea company representatives and journalists who recently visited Rooibos Ltd

Rooibos Ltd's head office in Clanwilliam hosted the following visitors during February and March this year:

From Newbury, UK - Tea Times Trading
Patrick Busse and Georgia Ginsberg visited Rooibos Ltd during March. Georgia Ginsberg is the great granddaughter of Benjamin Ginsberg - one of the fathers of the Rooibos industry. The Eleven O'Clock brand of Rooibos, by Tea Times Trading, is the longest running brand of Rooibos still available today. During their stay, they were treated to a tour of the facility, as well as a visit to a nearby Rooibos farm where they were witness to the harvesting of Rooibos.

From the UK - Twinings
During the month of March, we were also visited by Jeremy Sturges of Twinings in the UK. He spent multiple days with us, both at the Rooibos factory and our Honeybush facility in the Eastern Cape. During his stay, he was adventurous enough to try his hand at harvesting Rooibos and eating fresh seafood with his hands at a local open-air seafood restaurant, the Muisbosskerm.

From Switzerland - Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS)
Rooibos Ltd was approached by the Swiss public television station RTS to film a short documentary on the Rooibos industry. To this end, a production team from RTS spent a few days with us, doing interviews and filming the production, harvesting and processing of Rooibos tea. RTS is the public broadcaster for French-speaking Switzerland.

AF Source Global
Representatives from AF Source Global dropped in at Rooibos Ltd for a short visit and tour of the facility. Their aim was to learn more about the industry and production of Rooibos in order to expand the Rooibos market.

From the European offices of Sri Lanka's BPL Teas
Michael and Margaretha Haglind of BPL's European Offices, and their family, spent some time at Rooibos Ltd in order to expand their knowledge of Rooibos tea and the unique aspects of the industry, as opposed to that of the black tea market. They were taken on a tour of the facility, including a tea tasting, and put their skills to the test in harvesting Rooibos.

From Bavaria, Germany - journalist Christian Birner
Bavarian freelance journalist and photographer, Christian Birner, visited Rooibos Ltd during the month of March. He is currently submitting articles on the production of Rooibos tea to various publications and is in the process of compiling a photographic book on the Rooibos industry.