Audacia Winery launches its Natural Red wooded with Honeybush chips

Audacia, a boutique winery near Stellenbosch, recently launched its Audacia Natural Red, a low-kilojoule, low-alcohol wine that has been wooded with honeybush chips.

The wine is in line with global trends, where consumers have become more health conscious, said Trevor Strydom, the managing director and partner at Audacia. The wine contains 200 kilojoules per 100 ml and 7.5 percent alcohol.

Honeybush is an indigenous plant in South Africa. The leaves of Honeybush are commonly used to make herbal teas. Honeybush, like Rooibos, is indigenous to South Africa. Honeybush grows only in small areas in the southwest and southeast of South Africa. Honeybush is so named because the flowers smell of honey.

Audacia launched the new product at the offices of Alan Winde, Member of Executive Council (MEC) of Economic Opportunities. Mr Winde said the Honeybush-wooded method of wine making was uniquely South African.

This is how the media reported on the introduction of Audacia Natural Red: