This newsletter is all about new perspectives. Firstly, Rooibos Ltd commissioned exciting new videos filmed with a dronemounted camera. This will enable clients and consumers from around the world to see what indigenous Rooibos is all about. More importantly, new research on the Rooibos flavonoid aspalathin can lead to new perspectives on the treatment of diabetes. The latest Rooibos-based iced teas, pods and infusions also speak of a fresh take on everyday products. So does our recipes for lamb kebabs, hot cross buns and mousse. Get creative with Rooibos!

Aerial filming with drone produces exciting marketing material for Rooibos

To introduce Rooibos to clients and consumers from around the world, Rooibos Ltd commissioned new marketing material covering the production process of this unique shrub. The use of drone-mounted cameras made it possible to capture stunning footage of the environment and interesting perspectives of the production process. These videos and photographs will enable representatives all over the world to tell the Rooibos story in an exciting new way.

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Top German tea company OTG visits Rooibos Ltd

Three representatives from the Ostfriesische Tee Gesellschaft, or OTG for short, recently visited Rooibos Ltd in Clanwilliam to find out more about Rooibos as a unique South African product. Established in 1907, OTG focuses on creating "tea experiences".

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CAPTION: Stefan Feldbusch, Oliver Kunder and Sabine Mohr with Willie Nel on his farm, Ysterfontein

Rooibos Ltd acknowledges long-service employees

Rooibos Ltd recently singled out five employees who have been with the company for up to 25 years. Says Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd: "Long-service employees form the backbone of a company because of their accumulated know-how of the business."

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Rooibos Ltd on a roll in Clanwilliam Business Bowls Competition

Rooibos Ltd entered six teams in this community bowls tournament which is about "focus, friendship and fun". One of the Rooibos teams won in its division. Rooibos Ltd also sponsored prizes for the event where over 100 players aimed for the perfect shot.

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Intestinal transport characteristics and metabolism of aspalathin

A team of researchers from various research units in South Africa investigated how the unique Rooibos flavonoid aspalathin is transported intestinally and how it is metabolised in mice. Aspalathin is increasingly being studied as a result of its anti-diabetic effects. The study showed that, mechanistically, aspalathin is transported paracellularly.

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Discover the advantages of drinking Rooibos

The Portuguese website Ekonomista published an article on the health benefits of Rooibos, citing its ability to protect against cancer, heart disease and stress. In addition, antioxidant-rich Rooibos can also help people to lose weight, fight insomnia and boost their immune systems.

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Why Rooibos has healing and relaxation powers

An article on the Get It website says a cup of Rooibos is better than a nightcap because caffeine-free and kilojoule-free Rooibos "offers a multitude of health benefits". Also, it helps to reduce blood pressure and repair muscle tissue. Soccer and rugby greats such as David Beckham and Adam Jones are also part of the Rooibos sipping team.

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Rooibos adds flavour to lamb kebabs, mousse and hot cross buns

Rooibos can be used as an ingredient in a wide range of recipes to add flavour, colour and nutrients. We invite you to try out lamb kebabs, mousse and hot cross buns – all spiced up with a touch of Rooibos.

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Spain's Fred Cold Brew introduces Rooibos and Vanilla iced tea

The Spanish company Fred Cold Brew has introduced three 100% natural iced teas without any sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, dyes or additives: Rooibos with Vanilla, Chai Black Tea and Green Tea with Mint. The teas are made using the cold brew technique in which the leaves or plants are macerated in filtered water for up to 24 hours.

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Germany's Ti launches Rooibos and peach iced tea

The taste of this iced tea comes from the flavourful combination of Rooibos and peach. This refreshing drink is made with high-quality organic ingredients.

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Spain's Cafento now stocks Rooibos-based "tea ceremony" infusions

Cafento, a leading coffee and tea company in Spain, presents the new range of Montecelio infusions celebrating "the tea ceremony". This includes flavours such as Rooibos with flower petals, Rooibos Mojito with lime, and Rooibos with cinnamon and mint.

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Spain's Alma mixes Rooibos with orange, apple and spices

Alma, producer of quality teas and infusions in Spain, now offers Rooibos with orange, apple and spices in tea bags. This combination offers flavour with "sweet notes and a spicy finish". Also, Rooibos is packed with antioxidants to boost the immune system.

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Germany's Kano Bio-Eistee reinterprets traditional iced teas

Kano's iced teas offer vitality and natural refreshment. Its Rooibos is mixed with raspberries, elderberries, apple pieces and hibiscus blossoms to provide a unique, fruity taste and a "summer feeling", no matter what the season is.

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Make Rooibos espresso with PureCup's "super convenient" pods

PureCup's tea capsules can be used in Nespresso machines. The "super convenient" Rooibos pods can be enjoyed as an espresso "with a fresh burst of antioxidants".

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Delhi Tea's Wake Up Tea made with RooibosSkederm Rooibos Tea Cleanser rated best natural face wash

Skederm's Rooibos Tea Cleanser has recently been rated as the best natural face wash by in the USA. Firstly, the natural compounds in Rooibos encourage healthy skin. Secondly, the Rooibos and natural extract ingredients such as liquorice root, rosemary, chamomile, jasmine, damask rose, calendula and lavender "give this a scent you don't want to wash off".

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